View Full Version : Losing the plot?

Mister Bump
06-12-07, 13:41
What daft things have you lot done to worry yourself into thinking you may be losing the plot?  I have just put my dinner in the dishwasher instead of the microwave

Eddie: thesis=150p
06-12-07, 13:43
orange juice on me cornflakes and milk in me glass.milk in the glass is ok, but orange on cornflakes ain't good 

Dirty Karlos
06-12-07, 13:48
I'm completely sane, I never f*ck up. It's everyone else that worries me.

X Commie
06-12-07, 13:56
What daft things have you lot done to worry yourself into thinking you may be losing the plot?  I have just put my dinner in the dishwasher instead of the microwave You also just called your "Lunch" "Dinner"

Mister Bump
06-12-07, 14:00
It was my main meal of the day therefore it was my dinner. Tonight I will be having either tea or supper.

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
06-12-07, 14:16
Did you switch the dish washer on for 2mins,  then eat your food wondering why it's kinda wet ??If so,  YEP you got issues!!It's weird life like dreams that confuse the hell out of me these days,  I woke up the other day wondering how I was going to get to a client as my porsche was broken and I needed a new car,  didn't feel right,  then I remembered I've got a Xantia and it's fine.

Dan : /
06-12-07, 14:58
I once woke up in the middle of the night and ripped the tiny novelty mirror ball from our bedroom ceiling as 'it had aliens growing out of it'....I also woke up with a start and ripped my t-shirt off, Hulk-style , as I thought I was being strangled....I also ripped a windchime from the ceiling as 'someone was trying to break in'..I seem to have issus with sleep

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
06-12-07, 15:21
Lad in the pub last week,  his mrs was working and pissed,  he woke up with her,  dreamt she'd been giving BJ's to customers and nearly dumped her before she calmed him down and explained it was a dream.I'd of remembered if there was BJ's going around.

Box Fish
06-12-07, 15:29
I literally lost the plot. I didn't keep up my allotment payments and the bastards took it away.

BHB 10.6.6
06-12-07, 15:31
I'd of remembered if there was BJ's going around.Don't worry Dyl there's a first time for everything.

Mister Bump
06-12-07, 15:32
I'd of remembered if there was BJ's going around"He would still have the taste in his mouth."

06-12-07, 16:20
Went to the bank link today and couldn't remember my pin number.

Mac Attack
06-12-07, 16:30
I woke up in my swimming trunks!Better yet they were an old pair which were in an upstairs cuboard, and I'd got a chair from another room to retrieve them, put them on and gone back to bed.I now have a moment of dread as I throw back the covers in the morning.I often put on clothes in the night (at least I assume it's me!) but never remember my dreams.

X Commie
06-12-07, 16:33
You need to go out and buy a really gory haloween costume.Or a sailor suit. 

06-12-07, 16:41
I've got a habbit of opening a chocolate bar, and instead of throwing the wrapper in the bin, i usually throw in the chocolate instead

06-12-07, 18:00
I did find myself trying to clip into roadie pedals with SPD shoes on recently.

Sadbloke, missing for a while
06-12-07, 20:49
Trying to open the door on the van with the new key, before i realised that the guy running and screaming at me , was saying what the fuck you doing to my van, ive called the police.It was his van, and the police didnt come, as usual.a seriously red face, and not from the punch.

Sadbloke, missing for a while
06-12-07, 20:51
Opening a tin of cat food and putting it in the microwave in a bowl, and giving the cat the tin of stew i was supposed to be having, microwaved fish cat food stinks.

06-12-07, 20:54
Me and XC went to the States a few years ago and on the last day we hired a car to go shopping outlets. As we were under 25 at the time the deposit was huge and none refundable if we pranged it.Imagine our horror when we returned to the car park to see a dirty great scratch running about 100cm right across the boot. Cue me and XC rubbing it with tee-shirts and spit and after a few minutes of hard work I realised it was a rubber mark or some sort and managed to get the worse of it out. I then tried the key and found the lock was knackered. I then realised the stuff on the back seat was not there when we left the car and in fact our hire car was parked 5 spaces further up. I always wonder what the owner though when they returned and saw some one had repaired there scratched car!

Dirty Karlos
06-12-07, 20:57

X Commie
06-12-07, 21:12
PMSL, I had forgotten about that. Not that it stopped you getting air all the way up Alohea Ave in the hirecar.

06-12-07, 21:14
ROFL! Nah, it just seems like that as the springs were soft!