View Full Version : British Gas

X Commie
24-10-07, 10:57
Moved out of a house mid-year.Still owed money from my account.Call every week, same spin, same fluff."Blah blah blah, your reading is lower than one we took, blah blah blah, taken one more recently which corrolates with yours, blah blah blah, new owners opened account at same reading as yours, blah blah blah, backofffice monkeys couldnt process because of higher reading blah blah blah"CAN I JUST HAVE MY MONEY BACK PLEASE YOU TURDS?

Dirty Karlos
24-10-07, 10:58
Hehehe...Powergen are even worse.

Sadbloke, missing for a while
24-10-07, 11:44
What has a fudge packer got to do with British Gas.also whats a fudge packer.

X Commie
24-10-07, 11:46