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16-10-07, 16:06
Just been told I'm now responsible for updating the school website so I'm looking for some good software to get going. The last time I did a website was 7 years ago and I used Microsoft frontpage so it was fairly basic stuff. What I'm after is something fairly easy to use (good wysiwyg) but that has more advanced features that I can use when I've got the hang of it. It's going to start off basically as a brochure but then I hope to build in multimedia and flash etc to tart it up later.Any recommendations? 

If it aint broke, don't fix it, just rip it apart and see how it works! AKA Andy
16-10-07, 16:08
slip a year 8 a fiver and get them to do it thats no help is it.. 

16-10-07, 16:15
Nope. Would have to be at least £50.