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Mike S
15-10-07, 17:58
I'm not normally a fan of the adverts on this site especially the flash ones.  However at the moment Next have an advert on here that flashes pictures of a half naked Danni Minogue!

15-10-07, 18:03

Mike S
15-10-07, 18:05
It rotates with other adverts below the CycleSurgery ad on the right.

15-10-07, 18:18
There are no ads below the Cycle Surgery ad. :-/

15-10-07, 18:23
*refreshes page*

15-10-07, 18:33
think someone's pulling my plonker all i see is a guy in a rain coat and a stalk

Mike S
15-10-07, 18:35
Like the new avatar Arry.

15-10-07, 18:40
The old one was a bit inappropriate as I now have a 10 year old in the house that looks over my shoulder at any moment!

Sadbloke, missing for a while
15-10-07, 20:27
Arry flashing in front of a 10 year old what.Mike Danis gone. sure it wasnt wishfull thinking.

15-10-07, 20:29
Spotted it a couple of times earlier - far too over-dressed IME 

15-10-07, 20:33
Danni Minogue no thanks now if it was Kylie

15-10-07, 20:34
Have you never considered a Kylie/Danni double-act? *rubs thighs* 

15-10-07, 20:38
That be pretty shit though nobby, as thier sisters like....Danni or kylie?Think id gor for danni

15-10-07, 20:47
Why Ding?  I'd happily do sisters.   Did once, many years ago, but unfortunately not at the same time.  Was great until the one I was officially 'with' found out

15-10-07, 20:48
oh I'd like to have been a fly on the wall when she found out!

X Commie
15-10-07, 20:51
Twins Basil, TWINS!!!

Not A Salmon
15-10-07, 20:53
Just saw it, very nice- BM more adverts like that please!

15-10-07, 20:56
BM please.... naked of half naked ladies..... shame on you..... fully naked next time please!

15-10-07, 21:00
Sorry nobbers, thought you meant at the same time like

15-10-07, 21:03
I did Ding 

15-10-07, 21:04
not in the same room at the same time!

15-10-07, 21:06
oh I'd like to have been a fly on the wall when she found outIt's safe to say it's the one time I've seen a girl throw stuff not 'like a girl'   Still, most of my mates found out & I didn't need to buy a drink for about a fortnight.

15-10-07, 21:06
3sum like?

15-10-07, 21:09
Yessum!  Women aren't like sheep you know - it is possible to service more than one without tying them to a fence 

15-10-07, 21:14
LOL, So they both licked the gash of eachother etc

Arnold Brocklethwaite-Jones
15-10-07, 21:15
Looks like somone hit them with a hatchet

15-10-07, 21:16
I'd like to imagine their attentions on me more than each other but it's a nice thought Ding 

15-10-07, 21:20
Well i'm not jealous nobby