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More Gears Than Sense
28-08-01, 10:34
Do you remember this thread Well Mr Baker assures me that he is going to go to work with some rather nasty pants and get us all a photo.So cullen where can we post this luvly pic??While we are on the do you remember things, I was setting up some old XT canti's on Sunday for someone and forgot how annoying they are to set up. Thank the Bike gods for V brakes and the Hope Gods for discs!

Notoriously Bad Typist
28-08-01, 11:06
I spent Friday evening setting up the u-brakes on an old BMX (raleigh ultra burner, no less) that I picked up for a fiver in the charity shop.Let me tell you, canti's are lovely compared to those beasts, especially when you figure that after about an hour's fettling, the brakes were set right but still don't stop the thing!

Secondhand Electric Donkey Bottom Biter
28-08-01, 11:11
Did they ever stop anything tho NBT, even when they where new and set up! I used to have a pair of Doppler Shifters for my Road Bike, do you remember those. I couldn't work out why they wouldn't work at first, the rear mech kept leaping up to top gear. I discovered that the screw was to long! Nice

David Brown
28-08-01, 12:21
I bought a Trek cruiser that had a u brake on the front. I could ride flat out, lean forward over the bars and jam the brake on.....I would just gently glide to a stop...