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Mike S
06-10-07, 16:39
"Gordon Brown says he will not call an autumn election as he wants a chance to show his "vision for change"."  That and the fact that he knew he wouldn't get voted back in.

Lord Greenville
06-10-07, 16:44
Hi, Mike

Mike S
06-10-07, 16:46
LOL.  You have to admit that Cameron has got Golden Broon worried.

Lord Greenville
06-10-07, 16:49
I can't believe such an insipid twerp like Camoron would worry anyone, given his lack of tangible policies

Mike S
06-10-07, 16:53
He looks a lot smarter than Brown and sadly people go on appearances.  Policies?  They never keep to their word so what does it matter what they claim.  Camoron, I like that.

Mike S
06-10-07, 16:56

X Commie
06-10-07, 18:17

Mike S
06-10-07, 18:18

X Commie
06-10-07, 18:26
I still miss spitting image.

Reality Before Ambition
06-10-07, 19:58
Doesn't reall6y matter if any other party has polices - they can't do any worse than this robbing bunch of shxtes!

Sadbloke, missing for a while
06-10-07, 20:56
Thatcher smoking the 99 flake out of the mr whippy she helped develop, while at nestle.MikeS, whos this cameron you speak of, did you mis spell cameraman.Wheres the liberals/sdp, ming , dings dad.