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20-09-07, 08:45
I always eat the apple core, dunno why I just do.But given the odd looks I get, is it right to eat the whole apple, or should I leave the core.These are the things that keep me awake at night....

Dirty Karlos
20-09-07, 08:47
You're barbaric.

Mike! :)
20-09-07, 08:48
well, eat the core, it's not as nice, is it?the answer is no, it's notso don't eat ita bit like baked potato's, only eat the skin if it's crispy

20-09-07, 08:50
It's the best bit. There's more protein in the core than the rest of the apple.

20-09-07, 08:51
My Mum used to say that eating the core would result in an appl tree growing inside of me...Hasn't happened yet, think I will carry on eating it all.

Dirty Karlos
20-09-07, 08:52
It's hardly worth it though, I choose to get my protein elswhere. Plus when you eat the core the hard bits get stuck between your teeth.

Dirty Karlos
20-09-07, 08:53
How strange

20-09-07, 08:54
"I choose to get my protein elswhere."Oh really DK?

Dirty Karlos
20-09-07, 08:54

Dirty Karlos
20-09-07, 08:56
Oh really DK?Yes, for example last night I had sausages, tonight it's salmon tomorrow chicken curry. 

20-09-07, 08:57
Lol, next it'll be instructions on how to use toothpicks.....

Dan : /
20-09-07, 09:10
I thought apples pips had Cyanide in them? ...or did I imagine that?

Sadbloke, missing for a while
20-09-07, 10:26
Went to the pictures when i was a kid, with a girl who was a health freak, she decided to eat a peach, got half way through it and then popped it back in the plastic bag she had brought,when the lights came on we both looked at the peach the stone was oozing maggots, shed eaten half of it, she got up screaming, and ran out we where then banned.

BHB 10.6.6
20-09-07, 10:27
One of my apples has 8cores. fnar fnarIGMC 

20-09-07, 10:51
Cyanide! Hmmm, they do taste of almonds.#worries#

20-09-07, 10:55
Apple seeds contain cyanogenic glycosides which release cyanide when ingested. Only small amounts so you will have to eat plenty before you die a horrid and painful death

20-09-07, 12:08
Apple pips contain cyanide!  I sometimes eat the core (if there's no bin around etc.) but don't think I'll bother in future.BTW, the website with tips on how to eat an apple must be a very dry and sarcastic wind up surely.  No-one would seriously publish that on the net would they?

Dan : /
20-09-07, 12:10
Which tyres for eating apples?

21-09-07, 06:26
I only eat the core if there isnt a bin around.and as 4assedmonkey said they do contain cyanide but only a little bit so nothing that can hurt anyone! 

Dan : /
21-09-07, 08:56
Pah, you'll be telling me that cigarettes contain cyanide compounds next...

21-09-07, 13:55
I eat the core, broken in half first, then use the pulled off stalk to flick the pips out.  'sobvious really!!

BHB 10.6.6
21-09-07, 14:04
I never learnt how to do that.It was well frustrating watch a 7stone girl snap an apple in half as a bunch of us blokes were just slow pulping them into a bruised mess. 

Mister Khomenni
27-09-07, 12:32
I used to eat egg shells when I was a teenager, but now I've gone off them.

27-09-07, 15:29