View Full Version : Magnetic hill?

Mister Bump
16-07-07, 10:56
Sheldon Brown has the answer

BHB 10.6.6
16-07-07, 11:01
This sounds strangely familiar...New POWerwheel lacing technology tilts the balance in your favor, by using 24 spokes for high-torque pulling power, and reducing the drag of the retarding spokes by only using 12 of them. Since you have half again as many pulling spokes, you gain a 50% power increase right there...but that's not all! By reducing the number of wasteful retarding spokes by 1/3, you get another 33.333333314% more effective power, for a total power increase of 83.333333314%!

The Littlest Hobo
16-07-07, 11:11

Aaron Parke
16-07-07, 12:12
What a class site!!Someone needs to put this guy forward for an award of some sort.I'll be spreading the word and investing in those wheels right away.

16-07-07, 12:18

Sadbloke, missing for a while
16-07-07, 13:45
ITS dylan again.

Dark Lord Chuckles - Powered by Bongo
16-07-07, 18:54
Quality site, I've ordered the TORK-GRIP Thanks to modern pharmaceutical science, today's cyclists are stronger than ever" PMSL :D"