View Full Version : Just like the old times

Milton the Sausage
19-06-07, 09:37
Spotted a wank mag in a hedge last night

Dan(AKA Defender)
19-06-07, 09:39
........did you spread your man mayonaise on it?

Dirty Karlos
19-06-07, 09:40
Amazing, was it any good ?

Milton the Sausage
19-06-07, 09:41
It was of Club International quality - pretty high end clump

19-06-07, 09:48
remember back when i was about 14 me and some mates were about for a pootle and discoverd a huge box of porn it was like all our christmas's cum at once :) we did off load a few on the way home via our RE techares letter box.

Milton the Sausage
19-06-07, 09:51
we did off load a few on the way home"ooer"

19-06-07, 09:53
one of my little brothers a few years ago came across a load of porn mags somewhere when he was 14. took them home and he took all the pages out and stuck them to his bedroom wall. the walls were coverd top to bottom,everywhere you looked there was a pic of some little tart. lol. my mother stopped going into his bedroom then which he loved.

19-06-07, 12:58
i have come across loads of mags

Dan(AKA Defender-Dylan is my Idol)
19-06-07, 12:59
....i hope they were laminated

Sadbloke, missing for a while
19-06-07, 16:34
Sorry i should have taken them home with me.

Hans Frii
19-06-07, 16:40
Do they infact grow on bushes d'ya think...?It's possible...

19-06-07, 16:52
in a way yes

Carlos the Slackal
19-06-07, 16:56
Spread the love!

Hans Frii
19-06-07, 17:09
So you're responsible!I'm sure you can be had up for littering nowadays though - 80 fine around your way...

19-06-07, 19:58
lol I remember getting rid of my stash when I started going out with the wife.... being a good boy I recycled it but the recycler was full so stuffed in as much as I could and left the rest hanging out for any passer bys to peruse.....

19-06-07, 20:00
lol new panteg dump was it myncki

19-06-07, 20:01
LOLVery environmental of you Myncki!I prefer the stuffing it in a bush option. At least then I feel I am contributing to the cause of educating kids!

19-06-07, 20:05
Nah Matty the guy on the gate takes that stuff from you know... apparently I didnt have the right permit..... I was thinking of their exercise requirements Arry, they would have had to jump just a bit to get it down.