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Alex Hosking
21-05-07, 11:57
I have found that my Cateye LD600 makes a great safelight, anybody else found a good alternate use for a piece of bike kit?

Mike! :)
21-05-07, 11:58
innertubes, chainstay protectors

Mister Bump
21-05-07, 12:00
I have used Finishline lube to stop a door squeaking at home.

Alan .....he's on the wire!
21-05-07, 12:01
Old inner tubes makes for great bondage gear for a little home stylesd fun :)

BHB 10.6.6
21-05-07, 12:01
Eggbeaters make great door handles and are a great conversation piece.ed, I too have used a rear light as a safe light!

Alex Hosking
21-05-07, 12:02
Sounds like expensive door handles!

BHB 10.6.6
21-05-07, 12:04
Bearings went, put the shimanos back on and well couldn't be arsed repairing the beaters.

Alex Hosking
21-05-07, 12:04
Right I'm off into my darkroom!

BHB 10.6.6
21-05-07, 12:06
Fancy doing 10 rolls of panf for me :(I'm too lazy

Alex Hosking
21-05-07, 12:23
You just need a reel that can do several films at once, I have never had 10 to do in one go, My tank only does 2 films at once.

Dirty Karlos
21-05-07, 12:25
I use my knob as a draught excluder.IGMC

Reality Before Ambition
21-05-07, 12:33
Is that as bent as your finger? sniggers:) LOL

serge the seal of death
21-05-07, 12:44
Dylan as a traffic hump.

Dan : /
21-05-07, 13:11
I use my knob as a draught excluder.fits right into the keyholes eh DK...

21-05-07, 13:14
LOL @ Dan!

Dirty Karlos
21-05-07, 13:16
Why I oughta!!Bloody whipper snapper!!!*shakes good fist*