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serge the seal of death
11-05-07, 12:39
As Dave and Mike are doing there charity thing, has BM ever considered doing a charity auction of all the stuff they must have lying around the collective magicalia offices. and no i don't want the military modeling stuff.

11-05-07, 12:40
They sort of did. Just without raising any money and I think most of it is now on Saint Mikes bike!

Mike! :)
11-05-07, 15:07
*shows off*

Hungry monkey 'now with custom graphics'
11-05-07, 16:03
maybe a further donation from mike! is in order then... as a thanks ; )*cough cough, nudge nudge, wink wink*

Mike! :)
11-05-07, 16:24
crikey, if i could afford to donate money people wouldn't have had to donate bike bitsi should have been paid today, but i don't know yet.. i'll see when i go out tonight

X Commie
11-05-07, 16:26
If you can afford Southern Comfort and Dominos then you must be loaded.

Hans Frii
11-05-07, 16:29