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17-04-07, 15:32
yes i know kato but you know the score...is it me or does anyone else think this is taking the piss? this 81 year old women gets jailed for 6months while the prisons are over crowded,and more serious offenders get a slap on the wrist. its all fecked up imo. what good is this going to do to her? justice? dont make me laugh clicky

Darren Spanner
17-04-07, 15:34
Looks like your sister ding.Does she have the teethout suck?

Mike S
17-04-07, 15:34
She's a right nasty old cow by all accounts. Deserves to be locked up no matter how old she is.

Mustrum Ridcully - Kicking Against The Pricks
17-04-07, 15:35
Why should she avoid jail just because she's old?

Kato !
17-04-07, 15:36
Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. SHe sounds like a right charmer

V8 Billy
17-04-07, 15:37
Just right up katos street.

17-04-07, 15:39
spanner that name suites you. you really are a spannerif it was you're oldgirl,would you want her locked up? other punishments then jail,and no need to jail her imo

Ste ven
17-04-07, 15:40
OI thats my grandmother!

Mike S
17-04-07, 15:40
If my 'old girl' acted like that I'd have disowned her years ago!

Mustrum Ridcully - Kicking Against The Pricks
17-04-07, 15:42
me too Mike!

V8 Billy
17-04-07, 15:47
Cooking....Out for a ride MR SPENCE?

17-04-07, 15:52
The neighbours sound pretty pathetic though. A woman hit me with an umbrella locally (I'd kicked her snapping dog out of the way whilst jogging) so I just took it off her, broke it and gave it back.As for including shouting abuse, calling Mrs Casa a prostitute and telling her husband to go back to Italy." I've got far worse off one of my neighbours but after a few choice words (no aggression or insult) she'll now cross the road rather than risk another load of home truths. It hardly deserves a jail term. A fine and having the bailiffs round when she refused to pay would calm her down. Or it would if the bailiffs were still allowed to take the TV."

17-04-07, 16:35
i agree john. should have threw her into a old age home or something instead. lol. and her neighbours cant be inocent in all this either imo

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
17-04-07, 16:40
Hang on if it becomes a legal precident that old woman that are anti social should go to jail, we are going to need ALOT more jails :)

Hungry monkey 'now with custom graphics'
17-04-07, 16:47
sounds fair to me. 10 years of tormenting her neighbours, breaches of ASBOs etc etc etc.silly bint.if it was some 16 year old who had breached his/her ASBO some people here would never shut up about how they should be locked up...

17-04-07, 16:51
Perhaps Britain has double the prison population of France or Germany simply because nobody has the imagination to devise alternative means of punishing anti-social grannies.I remember seeing a TV series about neighbours from hell doing far worse than this old bint but as they were intimidating thugs in their 40s the magistrates were no doubt to frightened too give them a jail term and live in fear of reprisals from the moment they were released.Edit to add some punctuation but finally I quite like it without.

17-04-07, 18:31
There's a scheme in a few U,S. states where anti-social families are temporarily rehoused in steel built pre-fabs below Freeway bridges/flyovers under 'house arrest'. It seems that putting them in an environment where they are constantly bothered by noise etc tends to make a better point than ASBO's & prison. It was mooted that there may be a similar pilot scheme over here but I think the human rights mentalists put a stop to it.

Reality Before Ambition
17-04-07, 18:46
Apparently granny" has been causing causing problems as far back as the 70's.By the sounds of it she got her just deserts. Perhaps a mental institute might have been more appropriate though?Can you imagine what her family must be like?"

17-04-07, 18:48
i don't have to imagine i just look over the road

Reality Before Ambition
17-04-07, 18:50
True - these people have bred & are everywhere now. Just look at the troll muppets invading BM.

17-04-07, 18:54
Sterilisation early on is the only answer...

Reality Before Ambition
17-04-07, 18:56
Chemical or mechanical?...........

17-04-07, 18:58
Don't care as long as it's effective.

Sadbloke, missing for a while
17-04-07, 19:06
from what i have read so far from spanner, hes in more need of prison , for anti socaial behaviour than the poor old dear,why dont the neighbours move, wheres social services,mental health community service, etc.nan taylor , catherine tates gran spings to mind.we have kids killing each other,wifes and husbands being killed by each other,bikes being nicked, and trolls on web forums , do they get prison .only if caught.what a sad old world.

17-04-07, 19:09

Reality Before Ambition
17-04-07, 19:11
I'll go and get the violin out......LOL

Paul Tarrant
17-04-07, 23:10
Gotta agree with Kato and Hungry monkey on this one - If it was some spotty chav in a hoodie, everyone would be crying for them to lock 'it' up and throw away the key... Perhaps this will make the old bint think on how short life really is, as she may be spending the last six months of hers without liberty. Harsh view perhaps, but that's how i see it.*dons flame suit*

Steve D 79
19-04-07, 21:59
Age makes no difference and sometimes the older generation can be as bas as certain members of the younger generation. Age counts for nothing you get good and bad out of all groups of society, age, sex, proffession etc. does not mean someone is good or bad.

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
19-04-07, 22:01
Yep age is no excuse young or old to be a twat!!

19-04-07, 22:03
touche!! oh the irony

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
19-04-07, 22:07
If you start letting off OAP's anything due to there age, they'll be roaming around totting machine guns and assinating people without fear of imprisonment.Ofcourse at 81, I doubt the fear of imprisonment would stop me to, hey I've lived, OAP home or Prison, Prison sounds better to me.

Steve D 79
19-04-07, 22:28
As an aside, going into town by bus, the bus pulled up at the stop outside the bingo hall at afternnon kicking out time, about 20 grannies got on, it was like a scene from St. Trinians, few paid their fares, other snook on, the driver was told to f^* off when asked a 'lady' to pay the correct fare. Obviously none of them won a penny at bingo!

22-04-07, 21:32
thats just down the rd from me lol allegedly she was a nutter hit one person with a cricket bat

22-04-07, 21:47
Doesn't deserve a jail term? Well this 'nice old lady' has earnt an ASBO and those are not just handed out to a first offender. She has gone on to be charged with Harrassment and 6 breaches of her ASBO. That means even after being given an ASBO she has gone onto make someones life a misery on too many occasions. Would you want her living next door to you?

22-04-07, 21:54
cant of been all one way imo. neighbours must of wound her up etc. sounds like a nice little old ladie to me

23-04-07, 09:21
Little old ladie? Was it Wee Jimmy Cranky that got locked up then?

Sadbloke, missing for a while
23-04-07, 09:26
sounds like a nice little old ladie to me,whats the uk comming to when we lock up an old age pensioner for just being a teenager again, we have a politicacal party alledgedly taking money from wealthy people to become lord or ladies, it looks as if a scotsman will become the next primeminister,the queens , grandson has left his girlfreind,and gets drunkand attacks photographers,we are running out of oil, global warming,etc,etc.and most importantly tesco where out of flora marge on sunday, bloody flora marathon.

23-04-07, 15:43
on about tagging the 'old' now and tracking them by satalite. look out nobby,sad bloke,and all you're golden oldies,no more night rides for you if this happens?

Lima Llama Harmer Karma Mama
23-04-07, 16:28
I blame the parents.

23-04-07, 16:30
nice name,and looking goooodddd....... ;0)