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16-04-07, 00:47
now i know there meant to come early but he's just bloddy dropped off the milk now at twenty to 2.thought it was burglars again i dunno who shat themselves the most when we spotted each other.

serge the seal of death
16-04-07, 07:46
maybe it one and the same, good cover story, no i wasn`t burgling number 21, i was doing the bird who lives in 25.

Darren Spanner
16-04-07, 07:48

Sadbloke, missing for a while
16-04-07, 09:08
milk delivered, thats what the wifes for to go to tescos or the local spar to buy milk.get married and train her.you know it makes sense.and the milkman want be comming round to deliver his milk in person.

16-04-07, 11:38
i was at the office on an industrial estate, so doubt he was looking to off load some special milk.sad bloke i'm married but i do the shopping so we get what we need, as she always forgets things even when theres a list

Dirty Karlos
16-04-07, 12:24
Anyone ever had sex with a milkman ?

Dirty Karlos
16-04-07, 12:24
Does anyone have a milkman for a father ?

Dirty Karlos
16-04-07, 12:26
Is anyone on here a milkman ?

Dirty Karlos
16-04-07, 12:27

Dirty Karlos
16-04-07, 12:27

Stephanos Wephanos
16-04-07, 12:31
I got this when I googled milkman

Dirty Karlos
16-04-07, 12:34
I find that quite horrific.

16-04-07, 16:21
i knew someone who was shagging the milkman and the post man. dont know what happend to her

X Commie
16-04-07, 16:22
I would say she probably placed a Tescos delivery order and is now airtight.

Mike! :)
16-04-07, 16:26
milkman? nsfw!