View Full Version : Dentist required nr Oxford

12-04-07, 19:51
Evening all - new work keeps me very busy.Hope all the regulars are well, and the iregulars - well - try some immodium!So I work nr Oxford now and I really need to find a dentist nearby to Kidlington/Oxford/Bicester way - can anyone recommend?On another note, did the Skyline at the weekend and was involved in the evacuation of an injured rider by the air ambulance.I hope the chap is ok by the way.

Sadbloke, missing for a while
12-04-07, 20:09
try WWW.NHSDIRECT.CO.UKOR RING THEM.O845 46 47.nice to see youre very public spirited, lets hope he was ok.try www.mtbbritain.co.uk/,for video of the skyline trail, and other trails.looks scarry.

BHB 10.6.6
12-04-07, 20:45
Skylines not that bad but it goes to show mtbing can really bike you in the ass, hope the guys ok. I lapsed and was thinking about what I was going to have for dinner whilst riding whites a few weeks back and ended up a good 10ft down the back of the final descent.Re the dentist, it'd probably be cheaper to rent a house in wales for 3 months and get the free dental treatment/prescriptions they seem to think they can afford to give out!