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V8 Billy
11-04-07, 07:35
Aprill 2007 issue,on the spine is printed our sex education teacher was a registered sex offender.How does this help the country sort its allmost lawlessness when people like this are bloody stupid.This is not good and MBUK should back track very fast.NOT FUNNY.MBUK suck.

11-04-07, 07:36

11-04-07, 08:32
I didnt even notice that*Goes home to check*

Mike Davis
11-04-07, 09:45
On the big list of things to get worked up about, I believe that MBUK's spine lines are somewhere around 17,624, just under mouse ball fluff"."

V8 Billy
11-04-07, 09:48
Dont you think that this type of labelling is irresponsible mike?

Mike Davis
11-04-07, 09:48
Oh, and you're a month behind, the May issue's out now. If you're offended by body art and people of small stature I suggest not reading the spine line with your eyes open.

Mike Davis
11-04-07, 09:49
Dont you think that this type of labelling is irresponsible mike?It's just some words.

Dr Dolittle the pedalling chinchilla
11-04-07, 09:57
In fact, its just some completely pointless words really only put there to promote a response.

11-04-07, 10:04
a fair few people buy mbuk and use internet forums and your the first person to start a thread about that ive seen on all the forums i frequent.make of that what you will.

V8 Billy
11-04-07, 10:12
True enough luke but....pointless words are taken in by the masses as what life is really like hence this country is u.s.c.w.p..Bring back execution as this will curb the lawlessness of our nation.

Stephanos Wephanos
11-04-07, 10:13
You're a bit of a tool aren't you?

11-04-07, 10:28
I suppose it makes about as munch sense as Mint Sauce!

Mister Bump
11-04-07, 10:46
Mint Sauce - sorry I just don't get it. Maybe I am thick, maybe I don't see some hidden meaning or irony?Anyway I find the way that car mags put skimpily clad girls on the cover much more offensive than what MBUK write on their spine.

Mike! :)
11-04-07, 11:11
i just had a hunt around in my room and found an old rag, i ate a caterpilar when you asked me to, what more do you ask?"it made me chuckle, what else do you want?"

V8 Billy
11-04-07, 11:18
you gay?

V8 Billy
11-04-07, 11:19
you gay?

Kato !
11-04-07, 11:48
Fookin school hoilday trolls

Tom Sawyer ;-)
11-04-07, 12:02
You're a bit of a tool aren't you?Stevey you are exactly right.

11-04-07, 12:30
right,say what you like about MBUK,but if you are having a go at Mint Sauce, you are debasing the most important figure in British mountain biking of the last two decades!for shame:-(

Mister Bump
11-04-07, 12:54
Please explain him then Fraser because I just don't get it.

V8 Billy
11-04-07, 13:01
Cockit im going out on my plastic fantastic.No puns!

11-04-07, 14:50
and this months mag has the spine: 'i saw a midget with tattoos yesterday - how cool'.

Mister Bump
11-04-07, 15:01
A midget with tattoos? That is cool. Better than the video of the midget dressed as a baby taking a lady up the poop chute my mate showed me. That was wrong.

V8 Billy
11-04-07, 15:03
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!No but really now ...Ha ha ha ha ha ha thats fucking sick.

Sadbloke, missing for a while
11-04-07, 18:41
extra curricular activities or just home work.what a stupid tag line.

Lord Greenville
11-04-07, 20:47