View Full Version : 4X, Slopestyle, R-One videos!

Michal Tuszynski
13-02-07, 13:57

13-02-07, 14:05
didnt watch them all but the last one was the best

BHB 10.6.6
13-02-07, 14:06
There were only three...just how short is your attention span?:)

13-02-07, 14:07
very short. i get bored very easiely

Michal Tuszynski
13-02-07, 14:10
the seat 4x track in czech republic is just so great - i want to go there again :)

13-02-07, 14:31
what bike do you ride Michal? i thought the vidoes were mint

Michal Tuszynski
13-02-07, 15:05
adz - i used to have author when i started racing than da-bomb molotov than i left 4x (dual slalom) so i built up da-bomb cr8 for something bit more hardcore now im waiting for my new yeti dj frame and im going back to 4x.i also had some fullsuss and xc bikes in past...