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07-02-07, 13:30
Looking for back up software for both my pc & laptop.I have an external HD. I would like software that can be set up automatically to do back ups.Looking at NTI. Anyone know of any better software to use?Cheers!

Milton the Sausage
07-02-07, 13:55

X Commie
07-02-07, 14:13
Windows Backup (the proggy) is an abortion.Are you looking to backup just your documents (in which case a drag and drop of My Documents will suffice) or are you looking to backup the whole kabodle (maybe think about Norton Ghost if thats the case).If your not using windows then give us a clue.

07-02-07, 14:16
again for windows but alot better in my opion than Ghost is ACRONISBOOT

07-02-07, 14:23
Ok, Windows XP Home.I have various partitions, folders, files etcI currently use copy & paste onto an external HD.But I would like some software that I could set up to back up all of the above on a daily/weekly basis without the need for C&P.I dont want an image/ghost file, I just need to back up individual files.Cheers

07-02-07, 15:16
EZBackitupFree download from the web, and you can specify different backup jobs on different files/folders and schedule it all if you know that your computer will be on.It also logs what is there, and so will only copy across new files or those that are changed from the time of the last backup.

BHB 10.6.6
07-02-07, 15:21
You could of course use xcopy if you fancy a bit of batch file writing

07-02-07, 16:18
Just downloaded EZBackitup. Just the job!Nice one Eddie, cheers!