View Full Version : The end

31-01-07, 14:53
For tomorrow, I return to work:-(

31-01-07, 14:55
(sorry about the double post! I tried to edit the first, but was too late!)

Dirty Karlos
31-01-07, 14:59
It was nice knowing you, bye....

Dirty FLaP
31-01-07, 15:13
taarrrrrraaaaaclose the door on your way out!!!!;-)(wipes a tear from cheek)mumbles he was one of the good uns!!!""

Stephanos Wephanos
31-01-07, 15:15
*passes round box of tissues*

Dirty Karlos
31-01-07, 15:21
I need a poo, it's so sad :-(

Mike S
31-01-07, 15:29
Ah good, it's about time you did what I pay you for ;)

Hungry monkey 'looks icelandic'
31-01-07, 15:47
is sinatra dead?!: /should probably know that, right!*turns german techno back on*

31-01-07, 17:12
i wont miss you. ;0)