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zizi tata
20-11-06, 21:30
North Legion SMX is a joke, can?t believe some pro?s allied their names to this trike,what else will they try to sell next? This is a glorified GT racer with a wicked price tag, after all woudn?t it be the same if we slapped on two mini skis and bought a stick and placed a third ski on it. Give me a break how can something with such small skis be stable at high speeds-never- and who in the hell wants to sit on the floor like when we were 2 years old? Besides the point who really wants to swallow-by accident- yellow snow?Even better let?s do some math, if we take my option you will need to buy three sets of skis to equip a friend and yourself like one of these $1000 units all for say 500$ max including the-sorry for the pun- broom stick. I don?t care if Billy Boy Gates promoted this but it ain?t going to sell no matter how much BS they feed us. Come on boys make something real for once and not one of these tricycle devices. Last but not least look at the position of the riders when they turn-yuk- they look like the two plank wanks that for many years prevented us from using our snowboards on the mountains. So for now I hope all who buy will have a lollipop included with their purchase so they can really look like a bunch of moronic Trikers. O well I guess the cool snowboard-USA baby- look is hard to replicate, the acro skiers are in the right direction though. Next will be the lying carpet where you will be able to dodge trees!! Watch coming right up in next years fire sale??????to be continued.O hold on, I wish those dumb trolls would keep stupid ideas at the end of their pond.I instructed people on snowboards for three years-level-, rode flatland BMX for four years- GT Pro Performer bike- I've been riding boards at the start of 88 and a skier since 82. I can tell you that there is no chance in hell this thing can perform at any level close to a ski or SB at high speed which includes turning fast or the king carve. You can see in the pictures that the front ski is basically useless when it comes to turns and does nothing to initiate the turn. So once again why add a third ski-snowblade-as a steering device when it is of no real function? Is this for the people who like to have front stability? Perhaps this is a thing for couch potatoes? Like I said, buy yourself two mini skis and you?ll probably be better off. Think about it for a sec??.Tell me, wouldn't it be far more interesting if someone came up with something more than a glorified GT racer that cost over $1400? The original can be bought on ebay used or new for as little as say $50.It isn?t similar to a mountain bike or BMX in any way for that matter. Better yet, I challenge anyone that says otherwise! Last time I checked the MB & BMX certainly didn?t have any training wheels on them, unless of course you are two years old. One more thing then I?ll shut up!I found a fire sale for a trike that is the actual ancestor of the SMX for $89.00, boy is this north legion crowd smart! Do a few mods slap up a +1000$ sricker- sricker is a new word for sticker except you change the t for an r like in ripp off- price and voila here comes profits!AAAAAaggggghhhhhhhhhh I don?t think so! Wait until something that you can really enjoy comes out in the market place, if not you can always try this for $89 and buy yourself a used ATV-three wheels if you insist- with the rest.http://www.zollerhardware.com/shop/item/gtsnowracermodel.htmland this ones for the BIGGA people.http://www.zollerhardware.com/shop/item/kingsizesnowracer.htmlI am willing to bet my undies- cleaned that is- that this will fail

20-11-06, 21:36
Blimey, that's longer than the article that inspired it. Can't please anybody tonight eh Mike.

20-11-06, 21:44
I think they look like a bit of a laugh. If i lived anywhere near snow i'd have a go on one. Maybe your new winter training bike John??;-)

20-11-06, 21:52
Fitted my winter tyres today Dean. :) The event's been and gone, wonder how it went. We see all sort's of wierd and wonderful things sliding down the hill in Gourette and if I see one I'll try and blag a go. Skiers never thought the Swift Stick (or Snow Stick or something like that) would catch on but the snowboard it evolved into is now omnipresent. Yeah, it'll probably flop but some folks will have a laugh on them before they get binned.

20-11-06, 22:00
#wonders if anyone else realizes zizi" means penis and "tata" means homosexual amonst other things#"

anyhojoe / joedaho
20-11-06, 22:07
More or less silly than this?:http://www.winterxbike.com/

zizi tata
20-11-06, 22:53
Tata means gay?? O crap better change the last part of me name mate!!!!!!!!!!!

zizi gaga
20-11-06, 22:56
Here that's better I've become zizi gaga! Hey bro thanks for that pointer!! Don't continue on that pointer ...............!LOL

zizi gaga
24-11-06, 22:16
SO no one wants to be the next trike king???

anyhojoe / joedaho
28-11-06, 08:53

Mike Davis
28-11-06, 08:59
So once again why add a third ski-snowblade-as a steering device when it is of no real function?Because people who ride bikes like to have handlebars?

zizi gaga
28-11-06, 14:51
Hey BRo Just buy a handlebar and simulate a bike like feel, It will cost you way less say $30 for BMX bars. This is getting dumber and dumberer by the minute. I'll say it again North Legion SMX is nothing but a kids toy.

28-11-06, 15:04
We're all big kids at heart on here.

Mike Davis
28-11-06, 15:33
Hey BRo Just buy a handlebar and simulate a bike like feelSo skiing or boarding while holding a handlebar will feel like riding a bike, will it? Forgive me if I seem sceptical.I'll say it again North Legion SMX is nothing but a kids toy.Did North Legion say something nasty about your mum or something? You seem to feel very strongly about this.