View Full Version : Would a pile of dog poo win the vote for labour in Scotland?

Reality Before Ambition
28-10-06, 08:48
Sad but probably true. Certain areas of Scotland (Glasgow in particular)would vote labour no matter what was nominated as a candidate - haven said that we'd probably get better sense out a pile of dog shxxe that any politician !Sack the lot I say.

Carlos the Slackal
28-10-06, 09:01
True Tony Bliar and Chums could stand on a ticket of Vote for us and we'll decapitate your first born" and people would still sign up for it! Daft."

Reality Before Ambition
28-10-06, 09:21
Yeah its very sad. Sadder still - what does this say about the British public in general?You just have to look at all the muppets that watch Big Brother. Sterilisation required perhaps?

Benji Mag*c
28-10-06, 10:22
Does this theory not apply to the range of Tory strongholds, e.g. random Home Counties towns? Entrenchment exists everywhere.

Reality Before Ambition
28-10-06, 11:42
Good point.But are we in GB any better of than some of these religious countries where people are brainwashed by cranks from the minute they pop out? Only difference is over here our brainwashing is by the politicians into believing they have our best interests at heart and we should be paying them great wads of cash.I've never voted for any of them and probably never will - until someone can convince me that they tell the truth

bee bumble
28-10-06, 16:50
we at dog poo have never shirked from the truth (well not when a lie was a better option) cast your vote for us and we'll return this proud nation to its rightful position at the top of the pile

Reality Before Ambition
28-10-06, 16:55
You've got my vote! God, what suckers we Scottish are for a pile of shit!