View Full Version : Whoa, What just happened

27-10-06, 09:19
Personally, I think it looks good, grey to set the mood for winter :pLarger text font. Nice

Matt ....
27-10-06, 09:25
this did

27-10-06, 09:36
It's not quite right yet, at least not on firefox (mind you, running linux as well so that will be a factor).Can't return to the forum page, every time I try to click back it returns me to the homepage. Old site worked fine, so something in the redesign, has it been checked to work on all platforms?It's also seemed to lose the logo, and the grey doesn't show up?

David Arthur
27-10-06, 10:12
yeah we changed the font to verdana, figured it was easier to read than arialEddie, it should be working fine now

27-10-06, 10:40
I think it might be the version of linux that they use here at work, I have problems with some other sites as well (computing ones at that - you'd think they could get it right for all platforms).I'm still not getting the new grey stuff, exept on the links at the top of the page. I'll just have to manage without it.Cheers

27-10-06, 11:12
Got him!Ctrl-F5, complete reload of page, gets rid of any residual styling saved on your browser.Finally a STW forum has something useful.

Pimpmaster Jazz
27-10-06, 11:26
I prefer Verdana when I put togther a site.Still isn't looking great on a Mac...

Saint Mike! :-)
27-10-06, 11:28
Still isn't looking great on a Mac..."Does anything?"

David Arthur
27-10-06, 11:29
cool glad it's now working for you eddie :)PJ, what problems are you having? i've tested it on the office imac and it appears ok

Neil the Wheel
27-10-06, 18:42
New look, same old drivel in the forum!

Baron von Grinder(Confirmed)
27-10-06, 19:57
Poke off then!It looks better today than it did yesterday.Why?