View Full Version : Oh no, I think I could be in trouble

21-08-06, 21:37
Already...I thought long and hard over buying a bike to commute to work on and I'm really enjoying it. I'm enjoying it so much that after a mere six weeks I've already realised that my bike isn't fast enough.So I'm now looking at nice road bikes which seem to whizz past me any my hybrid.Then I go hiking in Kent and I see people on mountain bikes and I think, That looks fun". And I start looking at them too.Is this bike lark somewhat addictive?! And how long should I realistically keep up the hard work on the hybrid until I upgrade? :)"

21-08-06, 21:43
ahhh get many bikes .... manyyyyyyyyymuahahaha

21-08-06, 21:44
I feel a garage full of bikes coming on and the car being relegated to the road!

Alan .......BSD, INT and ISD 'ret'
21-08-06, 21:44
Highly addictive and leaves you needing a large shed or garage for all the bikes you'll want to own and use

kato ?
21-08-06, 21:59
Cars should live outside. Garages are for bicycles and motorbikes

Baa Kidd K
21-08-06, 22:13
Do what I do and keep them under your bridge.Baa

Uncle Barry
21-08-06, 22:16
Clip Clop ;)