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Milton the Sausage
07-06-06, 09:21
Since when has a pie been a piece of pie-shaped puff pastry atop a meat stew? Somehow British pubs and resturants have decided that it is no longer necessary for pastry to encase the filling but now it must be plonked on top as a separate entity altogether. This is not a pie.FUCK OFF YOU EVIL BASTARDS AND GIVE US OUR PIES BACK!

serge the seal of death
07-06-06, 09:42
bike magicpowered by pies!!

Dirty Karlos
07-06-06, 09:42
99% of pub-grub is shite imo.What good is some poof pastry balancing on some meat??

Dirty Karlos
07-06-06, 09:43
Should have fucking slung it across the room Misty you fucking idiot get a grip.

07-06-06, 09:52
What good is some poof pastry balancing on some meat??"oooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrr You must go to shite pubs then Karlos, some quality pubs around here"

07-06-06, 09:58
Was it a poncy townies pub?

Dirty Karlos
07-06-06, 10:01
Dan, no offence but you are a stoodent, your tastes will be more refined as you get older and richer, I would eat any old shit at your age.

Derek Hunter
07-06-06, 10:04
As Rene Magritte suggested Ceci n'est pas un pie"."

07-06-06, 10:05
.....PMSL.....im sorry Karlos obviously you have reached culinary enlightenment before me.Indeed i am a student, but dont generalise, many of the pubs in my local area are very good, some have won awards and im not talking for peanuts and pork scratchings

Derek Hunter
07-06-06, 10:08
In support of all things Pie, check out Pie Magic.

Dirty Karlos
07-06-06, 10:08
LOL, I am still partial to the odd pork scratching washed down with a nice Rioja obviously ;-)

Roger Rogue
07-06-06, 10:39
Can't beat a Pukka Pie from the chippie.

Stephanos Wephanos
07-06-06, 10:45
For a real pie go to Sweeney and Todds in Reading. It's a pie resturant with at least 20 pies on the menu, and by pies I mean real pies where the pastrie (short crust) enshrines the filling. All hand made all stuffed with meat and all ready to be washed down with a pint of best. Yo can even buy pies to take away, what more could a real lover want.Oh and it's cheap as chips...

07-06-06, 10:48
or for a change a nice suet pudding

Mister Khomenni
07-06-06, 11:06
surely that wouldn't happen in Wigan (where I work). I suggest a pilgrimage to the town where pies are taken seriously.I've also heard reports of good pies in Belfast.

07-06-06, 12:22
I thnk people take pies very seriously in the North of England. No problems getting hold of decent pies or pasties in Sheffield.BTW, I thought that a ceramic dish holding the filling with a pastry lid was a cobbler, not a pie?

Stephanos Wephanos
07-06-06, 12:24
Ah but is a pastie a pie?And where do people stand on apple pie and lemon meringue pie?

Dirty Karlos
07-06-06, 12:30
A pastie is a pastie, a totally different beast.A meringue is a meringue, apple pie is apple pie.

Stephanos Wephanos
07-06-06, 12:33
Oh and cheese and onion slice, used to be quite partial to them, great for sunday morning breakfast...

Dirty Karlos
07-06-06, 12:34
You're not suggesting that a cheese and onion slice is a pie?

Stephanos Wephanos
07-06-06, 12:44
But it is a pastry wrapped delight..., a tingeling taste sensation.

Roger Rogue
07-06-06, 15:42
Chicken Tikka slice - another taste sensation in the shape of a pie/pastie.More pastieish IMO.

Mike S
07-06-06, 15:57
What is a pie? A pie is a baked dish with a pastry shell that covers or completely contains a filling of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, cheeses, creams, chocolate, custards, nuts, or other sweet or savoury ingredient. Pies can be either 'one-crust', where the filling is placed in a dish and covered with a pastry top before baking, or 'two-crust', with the filling completely enclosed in the pastry shell.""

Stephanos Wephanos
07-06-06, 16:11
I don't care what you say, a pie for me has to have the filling completly covered in pastry, otherwise it's just cheating.

Mike S
07-06-06, 16:12
I agree Steve. That was just the definition of a pie.

Baron von Grinder(run to the hills)
07-06-06, 16:16
I Like hairy pie.(just to lower the tone)

Baron von Grinder(run to the hills)
07-06-06, 16:18
Actualy thats not true.I like a well groomed/shaven pie.you dont need to worry about pulling pupes out of your teethh then.(just to lower it some more)

Dirty Karlos
07-06-06, 18:48
I'm just suprised that it took 26 posts for someone to mention hairpie!

07-06-06, 18:59
*Shakes head @ Baron*The whole covered pie thing is the same as an 'open' sandwich.....FFS thats just wrong, a sarnie has a filling between two slices of bread not just a filling that is open

Mike S
07-06-06, 20:08
Open sandwich = pizza?

07-06-06, 20:12
To me a pie can be eaten 'on the go'. Therefore surely a bowl containing meat or veg with a pastry lid doesn't qualify.IMHO

Mike S
07-06-06, 20:21
Cottage Pie?

07-06-06, 20:22
Nope. Its just borrowing the name.

07-06-06, 20:32
Shepherds pie?

Neil Helks
07-06-06, 20:43
I am a chef and have worked at places that just bung a cooked puff pastry lid on top of the meat but I usually cut it in half lengthways put the filling over the bottom half then put the top on , I suppose that doesn't count as a pie does it ? The thing I hate is when you get a pie or lasagne in an individual oval dish on a plate , the first thing I always do is tip it out on to the plate . Also I know it's American but pumpkin pie ? WTF is that all about , it's not a fruit it's a vegetable so it shouldn't be in a pie anyway and there is no pastry on top !

07-06-06, 21:03
Dan, you disapoint me. :(

Moo-not a Joey One Cog
07-06-06, 22:00

07-06-06, 22:01
They call that a Wigan sandwich round our parts

Moo-not a Joey One Cog
07-06-06, 22:02
kebab ;o)and Geodies aint got a clue what one is either!

sweep-goes down on Karl!!!
07-06-06, 22:37
mmm, warm peebles pies i reckon.........warm mash tatty on top of unidentifiable meat........scary, but tasty

Dirty Karlos
08-06-06, 07:28
You're going down on me??:-)

sweep-goes down on Karl!!!
08-06-06, 09:19
heheruudie ;-)

Dirty Karlos
08-06-06, 09:20
Ooh! my lucky day!

Mr. B Scared
09-06-06, 05:25
Fantastic pies in far-flung New Zealand - I was so impressed when I was there. Every petrol station, newsagent/milk bar, in tiny little villages would have a decent selection of varieties, proper double pastry pies no less. Everywhere. I'd usually have two for brekker.

Pimpmaster Jazz
09-06-06, 08:52
DJ Pie Safety.

Andrew Chapman
10-06-06, 09:47
How about making your own proper pie !You poor helpless darlings!Make pastry (or buy it ready made from the chilled foods section)Stew up meat and onions etc.Bake in oven for 30+ minutesPack in lunch box with cold boiled new spuds.Heaven

Jeff H
11-06-06, 00:07
you cant beat home made corned beef and potato pie. you can stick youre `out of a tin ` steak and kidney crap, theres no such thing as a decent bought pie! make your own!!!

Uncle Barry
11-06-06, 00:36
I once received a similar single crust? meat pie, the puff pastry (it obviously been baked on a tray) had never even seen the pie before the two where placed together on the plate.Imagine a Fray Bentos tin of meat emptied out onto a plate with puff pastry balanced on top.I had to send it back, and had a ham sandwich instead (to placate the wife) I actually wanted to walk out but she was happy with her salad.If they want to do a single crust it has to baked ATTACHED TO THE PIE, during baking."

Milton the Sausage
12-06-06, 09:30

Dirty Karlos
21-06-06, 18:19
Well bugger me backwards, I've just got back from Coed-y-Brenin and guess what I was served up with on my first night at a pub very close to the trails...You guessed it, I ordered a steak & ale pie and recieved a 5 high puff pastry balanced on top of some gravy with a couple of bits of meat floating in it.When I stuck my knife into said pastry it exploded all over the gravy mixture, needless to say I had words."

21-06-06, 20:04
and i recieved a 5" high puff"what was Pete doin there??"

Dirty Karlos
21-06-06, 21:01