View Full Version : Not well, do i go riding?

Steve Austin
21-05-06, 10:51
got a bit of a cold and felt rough as anything all week.Feeling a bit ropey now, and know that if i ride, i might not be better for another whole week.But its quite nice out, and i want to ride.What do i do!

starsky (crassly stupid)
21-05-06, 10:54
I usually find getting out on the bike improves the situation.Gerrrout on yer bike!

21-05-06, 10:57
have you got man-flu steve?.......do you want a blanky and a hot water bottle? Go out, find a big hill, ride up it, sweat lots and you'l feel fine :)

Steve Austin
21-05-06, 11:02
manflu!!! i'm close to death here!like a typical bloke i ain't been to the docs, it could be hayfever, i've had the most amazing headache all week. And felt really dizzy when doing anything..i could surf this afternoon. does that count?i was thinking of doing a quick 20 roadride, not too far, enough to get the blood pumping. i could turbo!

21-05-06, 11:04
Get drunk. It's Sunday ffs!

Steve Austin
21-05-06, 11:09
lolits been decided for me. its raining.so i'm now going to B&Q to get compost. FUN FUN FUN!!!

21-05-06, 11:11
May I suggest a 40litre bag.And don't forget some electric Srewdriver bits, everybody always needs new bits.

21-05-06, 12:26
.....ah B&Q the home of the bored, with nothing better to do than waste their hard earned money on ornamental patio lights or a new hozelhock fitting, then wander the seemingly endless aisles thinking what pointless purchase should be next, thus ending in a heated debate over which size, colour and type of ornamental gravel that you cannot possible do without.My rents are terrible for this, they could spend days in garden centres and DIY shops.......i hope i dont end up like that

Pete 36......the man with the Uber plan!
21-05-06, 12:28
I have a stinking cold, too, but off out on the bike! way hay!

21-05-06, 12:29
.....dont forget the stabilisers!

21-05-06, 13:48
i have no flu!!!!!!!