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Roger Rogue
27-04-06, 08:09
Scolari the Portugese manager,from Brazil has been offered the position of England football team manager.Inevitable really as when Sam Allardyce was mooted Bolton went and lost 5 games on the trot.

Milton the Sausage
27-04-06, 08:57
British football managers come across as 'thick as shit', for want of a better phrase, whenever I hear them being interviewed. Hardly suprising the FA go for more sophisticated foreigners that are probably better at communicating in English.

Shirley Crabtree
27-04-06, 08:57
nobody mentioned bryan robson and we've lost a lot more than 5

Roger Rogue
27-04-06, 08:59
Have the Baggies won 5?

27-04-06, 09:01
At Scloari is not afraid to drop players even despite of their reputation, remember Figo?Sven has always had his core players, even if their performances have been less than inspirational.Who knows, maybe with Scloari the English might start playing with a bit of Brazilian flair!

Shirley Crabtree
27-04-06, 09:02
Have the Baggies won 5?"Depends how far back you want to go!"

Roger Rogue
27-04-06, 09:29
Current season?

Shirley Crabtree
27-04-06, 09:33
7 winsfizzy pop league for us next year methinks

27-04-06, 15:39
Has he actually been offered the England job?Best England manager ever? Who do you reckon?

Roger Rogue
27-04-06, 15:44
According to this he has http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/internationals/4949118.stmBest England manager for results has to be Sir Ralph - 1966 and all that.(Only tournament we've won isn't it?)

The Littlest Hobo
27-04-06, 15:56
TBH i think the 'best' man for the job is Alex Ferguson or Arsne Wenger.The likes of Allerdice etc strike me as similar appointments to Kevin Keegan. All very bravo and british but not really thinking with yer heads.

27-04-06, 16:53
i think that scolari is a proven manager at international level arsene already turned down the england job and alex ferguson is past his best i think no disrespect he has done fantastic things but not on the international stage.sven has been shit i reckon

27-04-06, 16:58
Somebody remind me - what was Sven's contribution to football before the England job?

27-04-06, 17:02
lazio manager

27-04-06, 17:09
...and what did he achieve at Lazio? Was that when they threw loads of money at the club?

27-04-06, 17:10
i think they won the league i cant be 100 percent sure as i never really followed italian football

hola, me llamo Kato!
27-04-06, 17:49

Glen Dott
29-04-06, 15:21
doesnt matter who they pick england will NEVER EVER win the world cup - only problem is no-one in england realises this

29-04-06, 15:35
too true Glen, we will have the usual hype only to be shot down.........hate to be the voice of doomScolari has a proven record

29-04-06, 15:51
Scolari has also said he definately doesn't want the job! Who's next to be on the list?

29-04-06, 15:55
....ah sorry, didnt realise that, had only seen the news briefly today been in the library

Jeff H
29-04-06, 16:06
`Hardly suprising the FA go for more sophisticated foreigners that are probably better at communicating in English.` scolari cant speak english.`sir ralph` dont you mean sir alf ramsey.do you think if a top english club needed a manager ie, man u, chelsea, arsenal, liverpool and leeds! (ok im a leeds fan) they would look to alladyce, curbishley and maclaren? ...er no i dont think so. so why should they be automatically linked with the national job when they cant get the top club job? my choice would be o`neil great motivator, good club manager and he seems to always be mentioned whenb a top club job comes round