View Full Version : Where the fek is everybody today then?

09-04-06, 15:32

Lord Greenville
09-04-06, 15:35
at work, matey................on hols for a week from Monday, tho'...............

M4 Mike!
09-04-06, 15:39
i'm here, but have been watching saw 2.very average

09-04-06, 15:40
I am babysitting so cant get out on bike, its pissing it down too :-(

09-04-06, 15:52
Ayup Pete. Surprised you've time to log on whilst looking after your flock!

Nick Evans
09-04-06, 15:54
I liked Saw 2, better than Hostel, that was just gratuitous violence for 90 minutes!I had a storming ride earlier, now I'm wandering around like a zombie coz I'm knackered.

stressé Kato !
09-04-06, 15:55
I went out on my bike yesterday and for the first time in ages really loved it.I was having one of those days where everything went right on the bike and it was fookin' great. I've been putting in some sly training and smoked the rest of the group for well, the first time ever! smug I can tell you, but it made me realise how much I love riding bikes and what a great sport we're all involved in

09-04-06, 15:57
LOLing @ Timmy, just the wee man here the rest have buggered off shopping with their Mother :-(Shitty nappy number three.........

Dark Lord Chuckles - Can you feel the Sap Rising
09-04-06, 16:05
I've been out building trails :)Now I'm going in the bath cos I'm knakered and dirty :D

09-04-06, 16:21
I've spent hours cleaning bikes and kit in the rain whilst nursing a bit of a hangover

09-04-06, 16:26
I had a good day yesterday with Glyn O'Brien, learning to jump!http://www.specialsphotos.fotopic.net/p27782652.html.

09-04-06, 16:35
Nice bike you got there Pete:-) You want to get yourself over to the Peaks for stuff like thishttp://dean-crosby.fotopic.net/p27518560.htmlhttp://dean-crosby.fotopic.net/p27518556.html

09-04-06, 16:39
Image not found Pete. We did the last ski mountaineering race of the season, la trophée du pic d'Anie. Up, down, up, down without incident and well placed so we hit the bottles over lunch and I'm beginning to feel hungover.

stressé Kato !
09-04-06, 16:40
My mum could jump higher than that Pete ;-)

09-04-06, 16:41
Is gravity stronger in the Peaks Dean? Two photos and only one wheel off the ground. :ç)

09-04-06, 16:43
nah, just poor photography John;-)

09-04-06, 16:45
Fotopic appears to be downKato, would love to meet up with you at a few jumps and drops mate ;-)

09-04-06, 16:46
Its a pity the peaks is so far away and so expensive to get to :-(

stressé Kato !
09-04-06, 16:46
Kato doesn't jump matey

09-04-06, 16:47
*declines to make witty comment*:-)

09-04-06, 18:22
I've been on the bike again today too. The weather was wonderful although they'd forecast rain and the trails were practically bone dry! Must make a note to change the Michellin Mud tires as they are murderous on hard pack. Yesterday went on an RTF ride here in Germany which I think is called a Randonne back in the UK. 120km loop with about 500 other cyclists. Some on shopping bikes others on top racing bikes including one or two local pro riders ( team Gerolsteiner for example). It was mad. The guys who like racing set off like it was a race and then when we came to a feeding station everyone stopped had a bit of a chat drank a bit ate a bit then set off again like it was a race. Great fun until until some twat and his stupid girlfriend nearly took my out as they passed in their car and then tried to run me and my fellow riders off the road because I gesticulated that he was tosser. When that didn't work he tried to flick his cigarette in my face! It was lucky that the traffic light was green for him a bit down the road 'cos by this time I was well up for a rumble with the village idiot!

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
09-04-06, 22:33
Got out, first time in a few weeks, splashing through endless puddles wishing I was on the FS.Must train and work myself back upto the level of SLOW!!

Dirty Karlos
10-04-06, 07:23
I was doing this months MBR Killer route, and can assure everyone that it was a Killer route".Me and my mate were totally fooked, snow on them there hills at the top but then the Sun came out for the extremely rocky descents, Glorious!!Went to bed at 9:30 absolutely shagged, feel fine today and rahter proud.:-)"