View Full Version : Friday afternoons...

07-04-06, 13:52
It feels like this afternoon is taking forever, no work to speak of and yet I have to sit here for another two and a bit hours!The sun is shining and I would rather be out on me bike.... Mutter grumble etc...

chris (Ileach)
07-04-06, 13:53
It's raining here but I was out on my bike this morning :-p

Alex Woodhead (A whole 2 laps...!)
07-04-06, 14:02
Buy yourself some nice shiney Bike bits... that'll pass the time...

07-04-06, 14:10
I can't afford any more shiny bits, the wife will kill me!

07-04-06, 15:02
Arse, looks like I'm the only one still at work, reckon you've all gone home to enjoy yourselves, lucky swines....

chris (Ileach)
07-04-06, 15:07
I'm still here, not working though and I was out on the bike again just to see how my new pads feel :-)I'm not making you feel better am I?

07-04-06, 15:08
Not really! Still, get to do 50k on sunday, so maybe I need the rest...

the authentic Jim (rided like a banshee last weekend)
07-04-06, 15:09
indeed work drags drags dragsI want home

07-04-06, 15:10
yep still here. keep on truckin. rubber duck out.

chris (Ileach)
07-04-06, 15:11
You could always look at this to pass the time.:-)

07-04-06, 15:13
i cant i feel like a right perv looking at that at work. what will the ppl behind me think.CONVOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rubber duck out

07-04-06, 15:13
Cheers for that, looks somewhat interesting...

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
07-04-06, 15:14
Dragging to, got to see a client at 5pm, was supposed to be 4pm but he's running late.Downloaded Hostel, fantastic breasts and girlies then goes extra SICK!!

07-04-06, 15:18
yea that film is nice for the first 30 minutes all those hot eastern european babes. its a shame they become scabby half way through. Dang what about that girls eyeball? its true they have yellow blood!

07-04-06, 15:26
55km with Barbara on the tourers, mowed the lawn, a cup of coffee and BM, and now we're off for a walk around the shops - time flies.......Is it just me or is the bottom of the BM page taking an eternity to load today?

07-04-06, 15:31
Oh well, only 30 mins left, haven't noticed any probs with the BM page, but then I haven't really looked....

07-04-06, 15:34
Friday afternoons generally fly by for me as we get a lot of customers wanting there bikes on saturday and time has a habit of running away from me on friday!! Plus i work saturdays!Now saturday afternoons d-r-a-g!!bestgetonandfixthesebikeinsteadofpostinghere!

07-04-06, 15:39
tbh im holding of going back as the gf wants a talk. these talks go on for far too long so im off upto the uni to catch some air and then i will pull out my shockwave and style my neato hair. rad!

Mister Bump
07-04-06, 15:41
They drag because you are excited about the weekend!Final 20 miles home tonight to put me on 225 for the week then the bike goes in the cellar and I have a much deserved beer or 2.

Harry Soufflé
07-04-06, 16:30
my afternoon has flown along, i've organised 2 video conferences and they've both gone without a single hitch. Now i'm just gonna chill out before i head off to Wales for the weekend. Going to Afan to hit the trails....... wooohoooo!!!

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
07-04-06, 21:04
Dawg, I noticed they started to look scabby aswell, strange film will watch shortly.Not long got back, from that Job, on a Friday night, yep skint LOL