View Full Version : 24 wheels versus 26" wheels"

rob cole
15-08-01, 10:36
Anybody else out there using the smaller 24 wheels? I'm interested to hear from DH'ers and jumpers who have experience with 24" wheels. Why did you change? Do you like them better? What are the advantages and disadvantages? I'm using 24" wheels for my jump bike and love 'em, but found them a bit of a handful in the dual descender at Aston Hills last weekend. "

Dan (is miserable today)
15-08-01, 10:45
i use 24 wheels, i run a Funn Chronic on the rear with a Hope BigUn, and on the front i use a Halo combat with Hope XC,im currently using Tioga 24x2.30 tyresfor duel they are sweet, for jumping they are sweeter, for DH they not so great,what was yer main problem in the duel ??advantages, they are lighter than the same 26" wheel, quicker accelerationthey look trick (lol)disadvantagessommat to do with having to rotate further to cover the same distance as a 26" wheelthey dont roll over holes and divots as well as a 26" wheeli cannot tell the difference to a bike with 24's and a bike with 26'sDan"

David Brown
15-08-01, 11:47
24 will be stronger as well, apparently they accelerate faster too.I prefer 26" on my MTBs and 24" on my cruiser...."

david clark
15-08-01, 11:50
What size are the smaller 24 wheels, Rob"

David Brown
15-08-01, 11:51
.......?Did you know that Gary Fishers 29 wheels are actually 27" ?"

Pimpmaster Jazz
15-08-01, 11:58
29 including the tyre. Bit like 700c, and mtbs to a certain extent."

David Brown
15-08-01, 12:00
Ah yes, but if we use that logic this thread should be called 26 wheels versus 28" wheels"

Pimpmaster Jazz
15-08-01, 12:06
Hmm. I can see this getting confusing in a minute!

David Brown
15-08-01, 12:07
too right, I've not even got on to those bmxers and their 22 wheels"

kaqo plopo
15-08-01, 12:10
id say 26 on the front and 24 in the back. that way the front still rolls over obstacles good, but the bike acelerates faster and manuals easyer. and it looks moto too!

Pimpmaster Jazz
15-08-01, 12:11
Arrgghh! Not to mention shoppers, with the not quite 22, but a slightly odd size which I can't remember off the top of my head. Time for a lie down. Why, hello matron! No, bit of a headache today..."

David Brown
15-08-01, 12:13
I'm off too....got a meeting to go to...damn work, always gets in the way of slacking.

rob cole
16-08-01, 09:39
yeah 26 front and 24" rear sounds interesting, must try it soon...something else I remembered about 24" wheels, you can fit a much bigger back tire to give a bit of "cush"...like a Gazzolodi Junior 2.6"I'm currently using Kujo 2.35" which feel fine but maybe a bigger, heavier tire would be better for rough DH and duals?Or you can go the other way and use a Primo 24" or Tioga Comp 3 24" which are skinny(ish) and would give amazing acceleration at the expense of rim protection and cushioning."