View Full Version : I think I just saw Tim Flooks on the news

stressť Kato !
11-03-06, 12:56
I hope it wasn't him mind you, and if it wasn't I apologise for the scaremongering.But it did look like himhttp://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/4795982.stm

M4 Mike!
11-03-06, 13:00
ar, if it is, hope all gets sorted soonif it isn't, hope it all gets sorted soon

Simon Hollis - Amazing new bike has just arrived, i dont seem to be able to get off it!
11-03-06, 13:07

Alan ..........it's just a theory
11-03-06, 13:38
Tim is a Somerset chap so could be him.Hope all is well

stressť Kato !
11-03-06, 13:39
It certainly looked like him on the telly news at lunchtime

Alan ..........it's just a theory
11-03-06, 13:41
Bit of a bugger thenNot sure how common that surname is down that way

Alex Woodhead (Punk Rocker...)
11-03-06, 15:17
Sorry, but who is Tim Flooks?

stressť Kato !
11-03-06, 15:24

Goaty-Death Facilitator.....
11-03-06, 15:26
I'll tell you Alex. He runs his own suspension fixing and tuning place and used to work for Rockshox....

stressť Kato !
11-03-06, 15:28
He rode for Halfords/SPecialized back in the late 80's too

stressť Kato !
11-03-06, 17:05
Just seen it again, that's definitely him

Nick Evans
11-03-06, 17:22
He was Mr Rockshox in the UK really, he is now probably the most highly renowned suspension fettler in the UK, and well up there in Europe.

The Unhealthiest Hobo
11-03-06, 17:50
I spoke to Tim Flooks on friday afternoon.