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Stephanos Wephanos
11-01-06, 14:06
Apparently George W Bush enjoys mountain biking are there any other famous/celebrity mountain bikers anyone knows of. (Excluding those that do ride for a living compete in high profile events or make free ride vidoes).Just wondered, thats all.

Mike S
11-01-06, 14:08
Mike Oldfield has a couple of Marin hardtails, he rides most days. I suppose he should have a bike made from Tubular Bells. Sorry.

Bernie Clifton Woodland Dosser
11-01-06, 14:10
the lead singer of jesus jones rides as does tim comerford from audio slave/rage against the machine (but he does use bar ends with risers!!)

11-01-06, 14:11
John Squire - guitarist in The Stone Roses - is a mountin biker. He once missed a big tour because of falling off his mountain bike - broke his collarbone IIRC.Saw an interview yesterday with Jonathan Edwards - Triple Jumper - and he was saying that he's really into mountain biking. Can't really think of any others but i'm sure others will...

Dirty Karlos
11-01-06, 14:12
David Coulthard... well nearly all F1 drivers.

Bernie Clifton Woodland Dosser
11-01-06, 14:13
Carl Fogarty too

11-01-06, 14:17
Walter Rohl. Regular roadie and MTBer.

Tim - base phase
11-01-06, 14:18
David Cameron - I've seen him in a full facer going freestyle at the sK8park round the corner from the commons.

11-01-06, 14:18
That cancer bloke is quite into his riding isnt he?

Tim - base phase
11-01-06, 14:19
Thinking back, it could have been Boris Johnson ;)

11-01-06, 14:21
i hear the queen does a bit of freestyle BMX but not heard of her taking up the MTB.

11-01-06, 14:22
That cancer bloke is quite into his riding isnt he?"Lance Armstrong orMike Nash?"

11-01-06, 14:25
Who's Mike Nash?

11-01-06, 14:28
MBUK once did an article on the band Reef being MTBers, but they're not famous anymore so i don't think they count.

11-01-06, 14:30
My dear chap, what the hell were you doing reading MBUK!????

11-01-06, 14:35
Its better than MBDam

11-01-06, 14:35
Its better than MBDam

Pimpmaster Jazz
11-01-06, 14:45
Pimpmaster Jazz. Top lad to boot too.

11-01-06, 14:49
Its better than My Bloated Danglers

11-01-06, 14:53
It was in my ignorant yoof! I swear it was. If you don't believe me think about how long ago it would have to be for anyone who read MBUK to give a shit about Reef.

Fairy FLaP
11-01-06, 14:55
The only Reef MBUK readers would know about is that sickly alcopop they can get down their local corner shop!!!! WKD init!!

11-01-06, 14:57
It's borderline!It could have been a 'what are reef doing now' exposé, but I'll take your word for it as you are a pedant with an uncommonly good name.

11-01-06, 14:58
I shall be investigating this Reefer stuff later.

serge the seal of death
11-01-06, 15:30
robin williams is well into his bikes!

11-01-06, 15:35
Robin Willams on his bike yesterday:It was a link to a picture of a monkey on a bike, fookin hilarious I am. Totally buggered the page.

Dirty Karlos
11-01-06, 15:39

11-01-06, 15:42
Fooked the page though. I altered it because I could.

Carlos the Slackal
11-01-06, 16:55
Mike Edwards is yer man from Jesus Jones. I once sold David Kid" Jenson a pair of Endura shorts. And then went on and sold a bike to Scary Spice for her soon to become-ex-husband. It was all over the front page of the Scum in a couple of weeks after I sold it to her. Cwiss Ewbank shopped with me as well, as did a fair number of other famous types back then."

11-01-06, 20:09
Yes, 2 World Track Champions, 1 Olympic Gold medallist (track), a few Tour riders, oh, and 1 Tour de France winner.Oh, I fucked that post up, I didn't read what this thread was about. Still, theres nothing like showing off is there ?

Roger Rogue
13-01-06, 13:55
The Moseley's are regulars on club rides,as was Liam Killeen.

Mister Khomenni
13-01-06, 13:59

the DefenderDan
13-01-06, 14:00
My mum was a nurse with Julie Walters.......they probably road bikes to the hospital (i'l check) does that count?

Fairy FLaP
13-01-06, 14:02
Terry Griffiths' son used to ride road bikes (tenuous I know!)

Roger Rogue
13-01-06, 14:06
Used to share a house with Ian Fagan's brother. Apparently he was a top flight roadie - Ian not his brother.

Captain Flasheart
13-01-06, 16:58
Flash rides, and not just your sister! Woof!

Fairy FLaP
13-01-06, 17:01
We have already done this haven't we Flash....?

the DefenderDan
13-01-06, 17:14
LOL....FlaP leave him alone......he's trying his best ;)