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Dave Short
29-12-05, 14:41
Anyone experienced problems installing Tacx imagic software. I've now tried on 2 computers, both within Tacx recommended spec's. but I get exception errors when I try to run program. Haven't managed to turn a peddle yet. I've emailed tacx but no answer yet, probably with it being holiday time.Any help appreciated.

Mike S
30-12-05, 02:07
Will it let you run the 'iMagic PC test' ? If it will do that will it run the 'iMagic System Test' ? Other things to look at are the graphics card, they prefer GeForce to ATI cards but either way you should have the latest driver installed. Did you follow the install procedure to the letter, especially the bit about the USB cable not being plugged in?

30-12-05, 10:28
Is there any software common to both machines? Sounds like theres a software conflict to me - especially if the error is the same on both machines. Sometimes the exception errors give cryptic clues - though I wouldn't go to the effort of writing it down to post, it may be worth searching the newsgroups though on google.

Number Eight
30-12-05, 22:06
Does a manual installation help?How to manually install the Tacx i-magic driver If the USB interface is not recognized Check to see if the USB cable is plugged in correctly. Its actually possible to force the USB cable into the PC with the USB cable twisted 180! After connecting the USB cable to the PC you should see a message saying ?New Hardware found (Anchor Chips)?. When the USB interface is connected to the PC while simultaneously connected to the electromagnetic brake a problem can be caused with the driver. Always connect first the USB interface to the PC first & connect the black lan type cable that runs to the break unit after the PC has recognized the USB interface. A new driver solution Download the following zip file http://www.xtraspace.nl/~ilink/download/i-Magic%20Inf.zip & extract the folder to an easy to find location (for example the desktop).

Dave Short
30-12-05, 23:32
Thanks for replies.All working now thanks to those nice people at Tacx. They emailed me a new usb driver today which worked fine. The old one didn't appear to be compatible. Impressed with program now its working-never thought you could make turbo training enjoyable. Just realised the driver you recommended, Number Eight, looks like the same one. How did you get address?Thanks again for help.

Nick Evans
30-12-05, 23:55
A worthwhile purchase you think then Dave? I'm on the brink of buying one, for the catalyst training software as much as the virtual reality bit, bit if you are gonna spend that much...

Dave Short
31-12-05, 00:30
Nick,Really impressed so far although I've only used it for a couple of shortish rides. Haven't started getting into the detailed stuff,(or the Catalyst)but riding against other bikes certainly made me go a lot harder than when I'm on the excercise bikes at work and was a load more enjoyable.

Number Eight
31-12-05, 07:59
Dave - One of the guys on a tri forum posted it yesterday, he said it was from the Tacx website - I just copied it straight from that forum to this as it looked as though that was what you needed.

Mike S
31-12-05, 10:33
Dave, try the 'Killer Loop' :-)

Dave Short
02-01-06, 00:22
Not tried the 'Killer loop' yet, which course is it on?Fitted the cadence sensor today so at least it looks like I'm pedaling now but I haven't got the steering sensor working yet. Went through the set up process turning handlebars to the left and centre but still doesn't respond on track.

Mike S
02-01-06, 01:32
You have to turn the steering 'on' in more than one place IIRC.

Dave Short
04-01-06, 04:49
I'm back at work now (offshore) so unable to try it again but I used the set up options to calibrate steerer but was then unable to enable it during the choices when picking weather etc. I'll try in a couple of weeks when I get back - shame they don't have one out here!Cheers

lee mead 2
17-01-06, 22:26
hi.... i was looking to invest in the i magic fortuis, is it really worth the investment...did you find there was a difference in price from various sources??

Dave Short
18-01-06, 19:12
I haven't used it much yet as I work offshore and have just got home but it seems excellent to me. Riding against others makes it much more enjoyable than any other machines I've used. Also with the load on the rear wheel adjusting as part of the course there's no temptation to turn it down when you tire. I found a big difference in prices from different suppliers and eventually bought it off ebay (new) from Redfrogracing. They also delivered a lot quicker than I had expected.

lee mead 2
18-01-06, 19:30
thanks dave just i have noticed they are selling it for 299 + the steering frame extra.did you have the steering frame as well..whats the difference in having or not?also what do you know what you then have to purchase then to run the fortuis software?? i have seen some websites charging 650 for the i magic fortuis!!! whats the differnce??thanks for your time & advice.

Dave Short
18-01-06, 21:38
I've got the steering frame but didn't manage to get it working before I went away. I had problems initially getting the program to run at all but Tacx were very helpful. Looking forward to trying steerer, if I get it working I'll let you know. Apparantly you can take different routes or tuck in behind other riders when using it.Sorry I can't help with the fortius difference either, this one has fortius wrote on it and plenty of courses/options to keep me going for a long time.Perhaps someone else might join in forum to answer you, looks like Mike Spence has used steerer.

lee mead 2
18-01-06, 21:55
ok no problem do you mind me asking how much you paid for this was it the 299 + steerer that redfrog are advertising .. if so is this the model were you can have the dvd real life video ??thanks

Nick Evans
18-01-06, 22:35
I bought a standard I-Magic & steering frame last week. The trainer (with the Fortius software) is great, but my steering frame doesnt work, so I cant tell you what that's like.The Fortius is not currently available in a UK friendly format, sommat to do with power. The Fortius has what's called the motor brake, it can actually propel the rear wheel for descents etc to make it feel more realistic, it can also simulate climbs of up to 1:4. Personally I don't see the point, the I-Magic can do 20% (1:5?) and trying that in a 53:11 gear is obviously impossible. So unless you have a burning desire to wait at least 6 months for the Fortius I'd buy the standard one.

lee mead 2
18-01-06, 23:14
ok thanks nick. i have just spent a small fortune recently on 'bikes'.. misses is doing her nut.. i would like to spend some more though!! did you find anywhere cheaper than redfrogracing???

Mike S
19-01-06, 00:31
I've used the steerer but decided not to buy one because of the difficulties in setting it up. When it did work it was mildly amusing for 10 minutes but that's about it. I've got the Real Life DVDs which make things a bit more bearable if I want to spend more than an hour on it, but I generally use the Catalyst program.

Dave Short
19-01-06, 20:17
I paid 299+ steerer, seemed a lot more expensive everywhere else I tried.Looks like it has facility for real life DVD but not bought any yet (have to wait until missus has recovered after finding out price of trainer). You could always ring redfrog to confirm before buying if you don't find anywhere else any cheaper.

lee mead 2
19-01-06, 21:29
cheers dave i have checked with redfrog and it does have the software to play the real life dvd!! 299 + steerer ! love to get it have not got the cash !! will save !! ahhhhhhhhhhh !!!

Nick Evans
19-01-06, 23:57
Yeah it's mainly the catalyst I was interested in, that's quite impressive too, I've ordered the velodrome software, as I thought that'd be good to 'race' etc in for more controlled conditions, the rolling nature of all the standard areas makes it fairly hard to keep to a very specific heart rate I've found.

Mike S
20-01-06, 00:11
Lee, the software to play the real life dvd's comes on the Real Life disc.

Dave Short
20-01-06, 00:33
Anyone tried the Alpe de Huez dvd as I was hoping to get that one first?Cycled the real thing last year so I'd be interested to compare.

lee mead 2
20-01-06, 20:12
thanks mike does the real life disc come with the i magic ??

Mike S
20-01-06, 20:54
There are 7 (?) real life discs which are available from TACX, AFAIK the iMagic still just comes with the original software inc catalyst.

lee mead 2
20-01-06, 21:33
ok thanks....working on the misses !!!!!!

lee mead 2
21-01-06, 12:54
does anyone know if the fortuis software will run on 256mb??? i have windows xp professional pent 4??

Mike S
21-01-06, 13:10
IME the graphics card is the important thing. I've had poor results with 512 ram and 64mb graphics, it's good with 1gb ram and 128mb graphics. This is while running Real Life video.

lee mead 2
24-01-06, 21:03
please help.... i have purchased one !!!i visited my local bike shop and they were just taking down the showroom model and they offerred me a deal i can t refuse.however they have given me some software called 'netathlon' which i dont believe is the correct software. this looks like some additional software you get. can anyone tell me what the cdrom for the imagic as on it please many thanks.

Mike S
24-01-06, 22:11
The netathlon software is for 'racing' over the imternet. The iMagic software comes on a green cd.

lee mead 2
24-01-06, 22:18
thats what i thought back to the shop tommorrow. cheerslee

Roy Evans 2
24-08-06, 20:08
I am considering buying a high quality indoor trainer. I've narrowed it down to the Tacx Fortius and the Computrainer. I've lost the will to live reasearching these two so some help would be appreciated.Is the Computrainer worth the extra money with the ability to create courses in 3d etc. or will the Fortius more or less do the same thing

Bob Butler
15-10-06, 18:08
I have installed and removed the fortius software several times and I can't seem to get the real live video to play on my computer. The button appears on the interface; however it is faint and I can't click on it.I have tried disabling the USB driver, loading the course to hard drive, rebooting many times... no success. I haven't heard back from ANY of my messages to TACX support and I'm really frustrated. I've had this working on the computer the last time I tried; however, I made the mistake of removing the USB cable and have since lost the ability to use the VR routes.Any help would be appreciated.

Nick Evans
16-10-06, 17:50
I've now had 3 I-Magic steering frames outta Fishers, and none have worked, so I'm giving up on that one! The actual turbo has worked flawlessly from day one though, and is excellent.

Shaun Owen 2
19-02-07, 22:52
I have just bought the Fortius vr and appear to be having similar problems as a couple of the guys above.I have tried to load the programme on 3 different pc and laptops(all less than 18 months ols)and tonight after reloading the programme for what seems like the 100th time it completely CRashed my pc. I have emailed both tacx and Fisher(the uk supplier)for some help on more than one occasion and tried to phone.No luck anywhere.The guys at Cyclesurgery have tried their best on my behalf but have found it difficult to get any help.They managed to ascertain that you have to shut down your firewall and any Polar heartrate programmes(which is great as tacx say you should use a polar heartrate strap).The lesson to learn from this is dont buy it unless you are willing to loose valuable/enjoyable training hours (and I mean hours)fiddling with your pc and trying to contact Tacx.ps cyclesurgery guys at selfridges were extremely helpful.Sorry to appear alittle sour but these things can grind your gears!

Mike S
19-02-07, 23:41
Well I use the fortius software on my iMagic and can tell you that I haven't shut down the firewall (Norton) or the Polar software (ver 4.03.044). Without reading back through I would add that the main stumbling block for the installation seems to be that it's gets upset if you plug the interface in before you're told to. It reacts by not installing the usb drivers and throws a hissy fit. Once you've incorrectly installed it you have to completely remove everything Tacx before you try again.You haven't been very specific about what actually happens and at which point you start having problems but it likes 256mb of graphics card memory and 1gb of RAM before it will get out of bed.

Nick Evans
20-02-07, 10:44
Although I run mine successfully on a laptop with 128 graphics and 712RAM, so it's not that picky!I've not used the interactive element for ages, used it twice over winter for a 'time trial' to see if I was getting fitter, other than that, I just use the catalyst software, which I think is great, once you've taken the time to set up the training program at the beginning.