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Hungry monkey (tom)
16-11-05, 18:10
why does it take so long to open up (from the desktop to showing the intro screen - its fine at opening websites)afaik its the latest version, and i have 1/2 meg broadband.it generally takes a good minute to open the start page, and it pisses me off!nothing too technological please. english is my first and last language.cheers : )

Mike S
16-11-05, 18:14
It's free, what do you expect :-) Get IE.

16-11-05, 18:15
LMAO@Mike Spence.It opens fine for me HM. No idea why it's running slow. Have you scanned for addware/spyware lately?

16-11-05, 18:18
Mines ok too - under 2 seconds when already connected. Depends how many extensions you have running.Also make sure any clean-up software isn't deleting your prefetch file.

Colin C
16-11-05, 19:18
Mine takes fking ages to open at first too. On a company network which is fairly secure, regularly virus checked, spyware scanned, etc. There could be something else running that it deosn't like. Not sure if it polls out to firefox home page or other external server before establishing IP connection and loading homepage.... Might be some other initial attempted connection or possible timeout that causes the delay. Although might be anything.

Hungry monkey (tom)
16-11-05, 19:29
FF tends to be the first thing i open when i turn the pc on, once its connected. i'm unlikely to have any other programme open.we have mcaffee virus stuff, so i don't think there'll be a virus.once the porgramme is open, its fine. its opening it thats the problem.as for IE, don't go there! ours works even shiter

16-11-05, 19:30
Mine takes ages to first boot up, it does take up a fair bit of memeory, that's why. Once it's in memory though, it's reet.