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Charles Smith
10-10-05, 18:18
Hi all,As some of you will know i am doing a degree in Industrial Design at Brunel University and for my final year project i will be doing an advanced traction control system for a push bike". What does that mean?? Well that hasent been decided yet but with your help i can narrow it down to the direction in which it is appropriate to go.So what do i need from you good people?? If you take a few minutes to fill out a quesionnaire (in an excel format) and follow the instructions to email it back to me at DT02CCS@Brunel.ac.uk then it would be greatly apprechiated. I need as many people as possible to fill this in to give me the best idea of the cycling communities experiences, its not a long questionnaire and all information will be used in strict confidence.The questionnaire can be found at Http://www.Brunel.ac.uk/~dt02ccs/questionnaire.xls Please tell your other cycling friends and get them to do it as well. If there is a problem then either drop me an email or Post here. Thanks a lot guys and hope to hear from you all soon.Chaz"

Bobby Charlton
10-10-05, 18:53
I'll have a look at some point. If you want to reach several thousand London cyclists contact the London Cycling Campaign and ask nicely if you can go to a stuffing evening" and insert your questionaire into the envelopes that the bi-monthly magazine goes into.Seriously. It's been done before. If you can add a "green" slant to it I'm sure they'll allow it."

Charles Smith
10-10-05, 18:55
Thats a great suggestion thanks im sure i can stick a green" slant on it! Also just so emails dont get "lost" in the post could people also CC it to hot_stuff35@hotmail.com Thanks again guys"

10-10-05, 19:00
Type de fichier inconnu" - you might get more responses if you use an xl rather than xls file that anyone with Works can open.I have an advanced traction control system - a brain and nervous system :)"

Dark Lord Chuckles - The Silly Piggy
10-10-05, 19:01
hot_stuff35@hotmail.com "*sniggers in an imature way*I'll still do your survay when I get a chance though :)"

Charles Smith
10-10-05, 19:11
Thanks dark lord, its my other email. Thanks for the comments John will have a look in to changing it to a more acceptable format.Chaz

Alan..............................lots of questions......
10-10-05, 19:12
I just sent a complete one to the first email, that OK?

Charles Smith
10-10-05, 19:16
That should be ok but for some reason my university email is being very strange or very slow, so if you have the time and could send it to the other one that would be great mate! Thanks for the time.Chaz

Dorian Gra
10-10-05, 19:24
just completed one and sent it :)

Charles Smith
10-10-05, 19:31
Thanks Dorian and others its all much apprechiated

I-J(Soul Assassin(Attack Mode))
10-10-05, 19:44

Charles Smith
10-10-05, 19:47
Sorry abt the spelling mistake, its been a very looong day and looks like its going to be a very late night too. What does KATO Mean?

I-J(Soul Assassin(Attack Mode))
10-10-05, 19:53
Kato is a bloke who frequents these fororums. He's the Daddy of spelling and grammer.I can't get your link to work! Anybody do a pressy clicky linky thing??

Charles Smith
10-10-05, 20:00
sorry not sure how to do that, what is the prob with the link? if you just put the thing in the address bar it should ask you if you want to open a document unless there is some anal antivirius i suppose that wont allow it

Dark Lord Chuckles - The Silly Piggy
10-10-05, 20:07

Charles Smith
10-10-05, 20:08
Thanks mate thats great!

I-J(Soul Assassin(Attack Mode))
10-10-05, 20:12
Good show, DLC.

Andy Crehan
10-10-05, 20:18
'apprechiated'That wasn't a mistake , you spelt it twice like that.My mate at school must have thought it was spelt like that, either that or he had a lisp. :P

Charles Smith
10-10-05, 20:21
Well it was a mistake i just made it twice, if only life came with a built in spell checker! No lisp on this account just writting 4 conversations at the same time so not really paying attention to spellingsChaz

Ninja Starfish
10-10-05, 21:42
Done :o)

Charles Smith
10-10-05, 21:44
much appreciated thank you (well spelt this time!).Keep them coming guys, ThanksChaz

Smidge (Daft Apeth)
10-10-05, 22:17
i wont complete it for the mere fact that my ex girlfriend ran off with a guy called Chaz.I hope for your sake you are not him.

Charles Smith
10-10-05, 22:18
Dont think so, whos ur ex GF?