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Carlos the Slackal
27-07-05, 07:36
We now live in a world of 24 hour news. On the net, the radio, the TV. As such, the media are having to fill endless hours of output with what? Well, pretty much nothing actually. How often does one hear, And now, let's go live to the scene...." only to see a street with a couple of coppers in it and nothing happening. Are we at saturation point? Or, is the newsculture a good thing?"

Paul The Paranoid Lampy
27-07-05, 07:55
welcome to news septic style, channel 5 do it with the scrolling news across the bottom of the screen. pisses me of, and whats with the reading the news while standing on the stairs/in the corner/in the bath/on their head.i want somebody behind a desk in their boxers reading the news.

Sunny .........suffering from Barracuda envy!
27-07-05, 08:20
News?I havn't seen any in ages!It's a bit like soap opereas, if you don't see any for a while it just feels like the same old stuff when you do again

Mike Davis
27-07-05, 08:26
Private Eye's Going Live" column always makes me chuckle ;-)"

George T. Badger
27-07-05, 14:22
Private Eye's "Going Live" column always makes me chuckle"I was just going to say that, stop stealing my ideas! I'm going to have to start wearing my tinfoil hat again."

Milton the Sausage
27-07-05, 14:24
TV news is crap. Its not 'news' anyway, just endless speculation about what will happen and no decent reporting on what has happened.

Paul The Paranoid Lampy
27-07-05, 14:26
it seems that they all wait with the live feed to get the exclusive, should it ever happen

Mike Davis
27-07-05, 14:49
The BBC breakfast presenters were getting really carried away this morning. Ooh, it's such a fast-moving story, it's all happening, aren't we clever to be there bringing it all to you as it happens?"Er, no."

27-07-05, 15:05
My old man grew up in Ward End, where the road is now blocked with terror suspects or whatever.Sky News is bad IMO, just like a Hollywood film its like their waiting for something to happen so they can ham it up big time like the yanks and then have live broadcasts to people who just state the obvious and repeat themselves!!The bomb in turkey was on a Dolmush bus, about 50 miles from me.....made me a bit apprehenisve tbh

Brother Phil
27-07-05, 18:09
did anyone ever see the Michael Moore film 'bowling for columbine' a while back, one of the arguments in that program was that in canada, with similar gun laws, had little gun crime in it's big cities because they had a news system that wasn't sensationalist, but in the US across a lake in detroit they had severe gun crime, probably because the news was so hyped and everone was so paranoid. All because the news system was so ratings driven....what's gun crime like in the UK these days?

Sunny .........suffering from Barracuda envy!
27-07-05, 19:49
With you on that Phil, TV news is much scaremongering these days

28-07-05, 08:25
Gun crime in the UK?Someone threw a revolver through the high street window last night.

Hungry monkey
29-07-05, 13:59
the only decent news at the moment is on channel 4. decent news readers, interesting features and hard hitting interviews.