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06-07-05, 16:14
Am I being paranoid, or does this sound a little dodgy? The very fact they didn't tell me their name makes me think......hmmmmmmmmHello,How are you today? Check through the bikemagic and i came across your advert.I will like to know if it is still for sale and also the cost price and if i can get the present pics and the present condition.Await your respones.Regards....

Sunny .................checking the isobars
06-07-05, 16:20
Sounds like a foreign national trying to sound British with the 'How are you today' bit.Send some pics and see what comes. It might be fun to waste their time if they continue to sound dodgy

Paulo (Paul Sheard got bored)
06-07-05, 16:22
Hhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you may be a little paranoid there Kato, but hey in this day and age who knows. Maybe the person just was just in a rush, ms typed or has innept communication skills, lol.Just email them back and see how it goes from their, at the end of the day if they seem dodgy after that dont sell/buy stuff with them.

06-07-05, 16:22
sounds like a plan

Paulo (Paul Sheard got bored)
06-07-05, 16:23
What was it that you were selling Kato?

Sunny .................checking the isobars
06-07-05, 16:25
I'd put money on an offer to but with a cheque for zillions from a Nigerian bank that you need to pass on back to them by money transfer or some such.Hope I'm wrong and apologies in advance if the person is genuine

06-07-05, 16:28
It was a Whyte PRST-4 frame PaulIf it is Alan, I'll string them along for a while and have a bit of fun

If it aint broke don't take it to bits to see how it works. AKA Andy Monty
06-07-05, 16:40
send them a Photo of a 10 note and a message I want X number of these (used) when you collect it

Steve Austin
06-07-05, 16:43
this thread is just a scam to advertise your bike!!! ;-)common other ruses arehow much for this""is this worth anything"etc etc"

06-07-05, 16:50
busted ;-)

If it aint broke don't take it to bits to see how it works. AKA Andy Monty
06-07-05, 17:00
there must be wrong with it if Katos selling it ;-).especially if he's going to do an offer by letting it go with a free s-ram group set ;-P

06-07-05, 17:24
On reflection, any email a member sends to you via the forum or the classifieds has a Bikemagic footerThis email doesn't, which makes me think it's from someone who already knows my email address..... and that isn't a very long list

Sunny .................checking the isobars
06-07-05, 17:28
Hey hey Sherlock!

06-07-05, 17:48
Scam Kato. I had an almost identical email when trying to sell my bike. Ask for cash or banker's draft only. That should flush them out sharpish.

not that Tim - another one
06-07-05, 20:03
Sounds a bit familiar...http://www.bikemagic.com/forum/forummessages/mps/utn/65427/dt/4/srchdte/0/v/1/sp/

Alun Hemington
06-07-05, 20:32
Sounds like Nwanke from nigeria to me kato!

Paul Bristow 2
06-07-05, 21:31
Kato, 10 says its a scam - trust me I know about this type of shit ( more's the pity)

06-07-05, 21:39
ROFLFrom: mac don [macdon54@yahoo.com]To: Jon HitchcockCc:Subject: Thanks Alot!!Hello, Thanks for the mail respones.The price is okay by me along with the pics.Just to let you know that i will be paying with a Bank Draft Drawn from the UK once the cheque clears we will arrange on the collection. Don't bother about the collection i have a shipping company who will be coming down for the pickup once we seal this transaction.I do stay in the Uk but am on a business trip outside the Uk now . Hope to read from you soonest. Regards... Mac.....To which I repliedHiHope you don?t mind, but I need some proof that you are a genuine buyer. Please send me a picture of yourself with a newspaper clearly showing the dateRegardsI can't wait for the reply :-)

Sunny .................checking the isobars
06-07-05, 21:49
Top dollar then!

06-07-05, 22:05
lol slightly cruel Kato, but best to be safe then sorry!I love foreigners bless them! Can't wait for the reply myself!

06-07-05, 22:24
hahaha spot on kato

06-07-05, 22:26
As soon as I hear back from him i'll let you all know ;-)

06-07-05, 22:30
is the email address you use on stw the same as for bm?

06-07-05, 22:31

06-07-05, 22:45
I received a similar email when i placed my bike in the classifieds. They were very vague about details I asked about and got very defensive, after a couple emails asking some relevant questions I didn't hear from them again. I think they realised that they had been found out

Paul Bristow 2
06-07-05, 22:55
Well what do you know ?Kato you should wind the fookers up big time - go on you know you want to and you know we want you to - please give em a run around

06-07-05, 22:59
oh, I intend to Paul. But only until Saturday, then i'm off on holiday and 'Mac Don' can twiddle his thumbs for a bit

Paul Bristow 2
06-07-05, 23:07
typical bloody jocks - always wanting something for nothing ;-)pb legs it before the bike magic clan failing to see joke string him up by the you know whats

06-07-05, 23:16
arf :-)

06-07-05, 23:27
http://www.aa419.org/It used to have links of people scamming the 419 scammers but I couldn't find them just now.Still an entertaining site though.

06-07-05, 23:30
http://www.aa419.org/content/links.php it's been a long day

06-07-05, 23:32
c-o you still about how did it go

06-07-05, 23:38
not too bad - it lasted two hours :oAnd we seemed to be getting on quite well. So fingers crossed. I may need to go back for a second interview apparently. I suppose I'll find out in due course.But I'll back home tomorrow evening sometime.

Paulo (Paul Sheard got bored)
06-07-05, 23:43
Sorry to hijack your thread for the mo KatoI was wondering how you got on CO? (Sinead btw)Mail me the full details if you can, I wanna know every detail!

06-07-05, 23:45
arf.. I'm using a horrible little keyboard at the mo on laptop. It's a real effort to type on this.. Details when I get home tomorrow eve.

Paulo (Paul Sheard got bored)
06-07-05, 23:58
ok mate, good luck anyway, and I'll speak to you tomorrow (sinead)(hijacking over)

07-07-05, 00:01
ahhh wickid c-o mate chat to you tomorrow

07-07-05, 10:56
Oops.. It's not looking likely I'll be making it home tonight. After the fun and games thats just happened in London. :-(I'm going to try and reschedule the flight for tomorrow perhaps Saturday.And yeah, apologies for the highjack Kato.

Phil Brown 4
07-07-05, 12:29
KatoGot virtually the same email back from the same address yesterday. Just the subject (Thanks Alot!!) seemed suspicious, it sounds sarchastic!! Secondly the guy hasn't read the add details at all and asked the price for a second time.I replied saying I was suspicious and he needed to prove his credibility somehow (eg ebay feedback). I wonder if I'll hear anymore to be able to play him along a bit.Oh and it's a well maintained PRST-1 I have for sale, don't laugh.Phil

Pimpmaster Jazz
07-07-05, 13:44

07-07-05, 14:20
Oh and it's a well maintained PRST-1 I have for sale, don't laugh"I'm not laughing, i'm selling a PRST-4So, what we have is a Nigerian scam merchant with a penchant for ugly bikes ;-)"

Alun Hemington
07-07-05, 14:38
I was right then!!

Phil Brown 4
07-07-05, 15:49
The saga continues. He can't think he's rumbled yet. He wants it for his son's birthday (aaahhh) and has offered 100 over the asking price.

07-07-05, 17:20
Well, he's still to reply to my request of a photo posing with todays newspaper

07-07-05, 20:13
yeah but that request for the newspaper was yesterday so unless he could predict todays news it would be difficult

07-07-05, 20:25
i had exactly the same email, word for word, when selling my car - TWICE!Blatant con