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Mark Temple 2
16-06-05, 12:50
I cycle in to work every day and yesterday, despite the fact that it was raining, I got in feeling really pleased with the ride. The commmuting by bike thing just somehow makes me feel superior to the flocks in their cars.No doubt they feel superior in their SUVs and think look at that cheapskate, loony cycling in to work, must be really skint to not use a car in this rain. It make me feel superior in a more spiritual way. Anyone else know what I mean?

Inky the Stumpjumper
16-06-05, 12:54
I concur. When I cycled to work I felt more 'alive' when I got there than all the lemmings sat in their cars listening to Bland FM. Even when the weather was crap I enjoyed it. Infact I used to set off half an hour earlier just so I could mess around in the woods before going into work. bliss

Paul The Paranoid Lampy
16-06-05, 12:55
yup. i would comute but the road is too dangerous. and no bridle ways anywhere near the correct route

16-06-05, 12:56
Know exactly where you're coming from. Depending what mood I'm in I'll take the road bike (for blasting one particular hill trying to hit 40 and generally getting a buzz from keeping traffic speed) or the MTB (for fun bits riding down steps to cyclepaths and the like). And nipping past all the traffic, even in the rain, with water running off the visor, and spray up your back, it still feels great.

16-06-05, 12:58
i'd much rather be grinning like a lunatic on my bike, than be sitting on a bus looking like a goon

16-06-05, 13:03
I can get to work in 15 minutes on the bike and have fun on the way. Or I can take the bus with a ten minute walk either side and 25 minutes sat next to an old woman who smells of wee.I wonder I wonder....

Inky the Stumpjumper
16-06-05, 13:10
Setting off speed cameras is fun too when blasting downhill. Try to time it so the Chav in the souped up Nova gets flashed too*not that I condone this kind of behaviour you understand

16-06-05, 13:21
No speed cameras on my route home... :(

Paul The Paranoid Lampy
16-06-05, 13:22
what about chavs in novas?

Pimpmaster Jazz
16-06-05, 13:26
Looking into commuting now, but it's 25 miles each way and I'm trying to piece together a decent route.

Inky the Stumpjumper
16-06-05, 13:31
Wish I could still ride to work but my job means I have a 60 mile round trip :( and will increase to 160 miles when I move back to Leeds until I find another job.

Mister Khomenni
16-06-05, 13:40
I know what you mean about the spiritual thing about looking skint.I avoid this with a sticker on my back saying 'my other transport is an SUV'

16-06-05, 13:43
I like nipping in front of SUVs wearing a t-shirt with www.stopurban4x4s.org.uk on the back...I love cars and am planning on buying a nice polluting classic next summer (should I be on the cars thread?) but urban 4x4s seem pointless, pretentious and dangerous.

16-06-05, 13:44
Oh and... my 5 to 8 miles round-trip commute probably woudn't register on most people's distance radar, but there are still people living around me who take their cars to work!

16-06-05, 15:13
There is something satisfying about the ride to work. I don't get to see many peoples reactions though as I'm usually passing them as they're stuck at the lights. Get a few funny looks from the people at the front of the lights but they generally don't like the fact that I didn't queue to get to the front!The times I have driven to work I just get frustrated coz it takes longer. Now my car has died I don't have that problem anymore :-)

Nick Harmer
16-06-05, 15:47
I've always biked to work, and yes I do derive a certain feeling of smug self satisfaction from doing so, especially when passing folks sat in cars.I wasn't so smug this morning though - They laid on a free breakfast at work this morning as part of bike2work week, but as I spent too long fettling my bike this morning all the good grub had already gone by the time I got there.

Hungry monkey
16-06-05, 16:04
i like cycling to college. especially zipping in and out of the cars. even better during the races (royal ascot near my house) cos i can whiz past all the SUVs, ferraris, bentlys etc...15-18 mins to college on bike, 50 mins using bike + bus + walk.

16-06-05, 17:04
I like the fact that since I started cycling in to work 2 unfit fat fellas have bought mountain bikes and really got into biking.

16-06-05, 17:09
i'd ride to uni but i dont trust it not to get nicked

Mark Temple 2
17-06-05, 07:50
Also you notice what around you more on a bike - like when its a gorgeous spring morning and the sun is shining and the wildlife is out. When taking a cut through the woods I have seen squirrels, deer and foxes - don't see many of them on the motorway, except when they are dead!

Mike D
17-06-05, 07:58
Squirrels, see plenty of them, two of the little buggers tried to run between my spokes on this morning's ride.