View Full Version : Porn Star

24-05-05, 22:05
Channel 5 @ 11.20 :-)

24-05-05, 22:10
I think it's the documentary when he goes into detail about being able to suck his own cock.I've got plenty of his 'work' kicking around

Woody Cannondale
24-05-05, 22:28
The man, the myth, the legend - and my role model. Ron Jeremy

24-05-05, 22:29
The Hedgehog of Pornand an ex-school teacher

Woody Cannondale
24-05-05, 22:31
well we could definetly learn someting from the man

24-05-05, 22:32
How big is my penis?It's 2 inches........................from the floorBravo Ron!

Woody Cannondale
24-05-05, 22:34
mines twice as big as half its lengthbut bigger if its not a slag