View Full Version : Stinky German cheese!

Trail Dog
05-05-05, 10:05
I bought some cheese while in Germany last week. I thought I was buying the nice stuff that we had at Fruhstuck (breakfast).When I got home my bag smelt like a dog had shat in it. Should it smell like dog poop? Should I try it despite the pong?

Carlos the Slackal
05-05-05, 10:09
Cheese = Milk that has gone off. Therefore, cheese cannot actually go off.

Bobby Charlton
05-05-05, 10:20
This stinky German cheese?Was it from under a helmet?Which remins me:There was a young man from WalesWho lived on a diet of snails.When he couldn't get theseHe dined on the cheeseThat he scraped from his cock with his nails.

Lardy Boy
05-05-05, 11:46
Cheese can go off if it is stored incorrectly as it sweats and loses moisture. Going 'off' does not nescesarily mean going sour or whatever, just changing state to something undesirable.If it reeks that bad and you can't face trying it, bin it. Some cheeses really honk when they're ready to be eaten. Case in point: Swiss Appenzeller. Smells like the most rancid feet you ever smelt (and then some), but this is apparently when it is best. I love cheese, but there's no way I can bring myself to eat something so foul smelling.

Trail Dog
05-05-05, 16:12
It came from a pretty, well fit (aren't they all) blonde German miss in a big cheese emporium in Munich. I think your Swiss cheese sounds like this one, it looks fine, but stinks. I have seen ripe, sweaty and dried out cheese but this is none of those. I'll have to find the name of the right one next time.Cheers.

05-05-05, 17:24
It's off, send it to me ;-)