View Full Version : What Mountain Bike

Mike S
11-03-05, 20:06
has Paul Lasenby on the cover riding a Marin. The group test inside includes Scalpel, Cake, Genius, Epic and Rift Zone. Which one do you think wins?

11-03-05, 20:14
Holy conspiracy theory Batmancall the feds ;-)

Mike S
11-03-05, 20:16
He's been taking flak for it for the past few days :-)

George T. Badger
11-03-05, 20:32
Surely Kato you should be saying, Holy conspiracy theory The Green Hornet"."

11-03-05, 20:39
true GTB. Inspector Clouseau's sidekick was also called Kato, so that works as well ;-)

Alan....elementary my dear fellows!
11-03-05, 20:55
Once you're read the mags for a few years you do get the impression that they like to take it in turns to big up each manufacturer in turn. Trek will win everything next year I'd predict

Mike S
11-03-05, 21:44
So who's the ex pro for Trek that'll be on the cover?