View Full Version : its nearly the weekend

25-02-05, 14:56
whats everybody upto this weekendi have a ride sorted tommrrow.then my folks are coming to vist on sunday, oh joy of joys.

DefenderDan(pollution crazed weirdo)
25-02-05, 14:59
drink tonight.....short ride tomorrow(hangover depending) then long ride sunday

Free Wheelin' Franklin
25-02-05, 15:06
Tonight: Listen to my pregnent other halfeither?Bollock me for not doing something I should have?Cry because of something I've said or done?Sulk because I'm a shit partnerTake your pick, it's fun all the wayTomorrow: F*ck all as my riding partner is going on a exibition weekend with work. (Any riding invites for tomorrow gladdly acceptedSunday: Look at suicice options as I will have lost the will to live by then.On the upside, I might through in half an hour of frantic self pleasure, so it's not all bad I suppose: )

DefenderDan(pollution crazed weirdo)
25-02-05, 15:09
go for a ride on your on FWF..........LOL @ partner situation.........ive just come back on the market after 2years......................i aint regretin it

Free Wheelin' Franklin
25-02-05, 15:15
Don't like it on my ownFind it a bit dull to be honestI think its the competition I likeOh, and the sheep shit in my teeth

Troll Hattan
25-02-05, 15:24
Drinkies with mates tonite, party tomorrow (staid old people like me), poss ride on Sunday, broken rib permitting, The Bees on Monday night.DD: when did you split with the Bristol girl?

25-02-05, 15:26
Racing Sat, Racing Sun.

25-02-05, 15:36
Mucho 4x4 offroad fun on Sat in a farm/quarry type place then evening meal with brother. Sun, rest and decorate.

DefenderDan(pollution crazed weirdo)
25-02-05, 15:42
Troll....my ex lives near me she goes UWE......errr basically we were always havin silly arguments, actin like a married couple and i didnt wana be in a ded end relationship TBH......sounds like im a tw4t but its better for the both of us really

Free Wheelin' Franklin
25-02-05, 16:28
Tw4ts are good!

DefenderDan(pollution crazed weirdo)
25-02-05, 16:32
not when there attached to a moanin pain in the arse :)

Free Wheelin' Franklin
25-02-05, 16:38

Troll Hattan
25-02-05, 20:11
Naaah, you're right, it's better to have a clean break than be miserable for years. And if she lives miles away during term-time then of course you argue when you do see each other.Have a good ride or two over the weekend.

25-02-05, 20:29
04.30 get up make george,s and flask of choci then its Wales here i come.