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serge the seal of death
16-02-05, 16:59
my forks have arrived again, and they are not damaged!!!!The lovly people at pace have given me a pair that were used in a magazine photo shoot so they have never even been on a bike, all for the cost of 300. Thank you Pace

A small thing is a good thing
16-02-05, 17:05
very goodthat cost more than the total cost of my best bike (if i dont count the stereo equipment on it)

Mike S
16-02-05, 17:10
They're probably a press mockup pair that have cardboard internals:-) Only kidding, I hope they have a long and fulfilling life on the front of your bike. It sounds like the parcel guys have done you a favour.

Charlie T
16-02-05, 17:54
Well done those nice chaps at Pace! To quote MBA (US Mag) from back in the day The town of Yorkshire makes more than just puddings""

16-02-05, 17:55
LMAO! Those pesky americans! ;-)

16-02-05, 18:09
serge if you have any probs with the rebound/launch control give us a shout - I'm now an expert on these things having spent a month getting to the bottom of the problem with mine :)

16-02-05, 18:13
Lol..i give it a month before the first 'Problem with my Pace forks thread' :-)

Mike S
16-02-05, 18:22
You guys are so cynical :-)

16-02-05, 18:24
Hey, i own a pair of the bloody things, i'm entitled to whinge Mike. :-)

Mike S
16-02-05, 18:25
I USED to own some!

16-02-05, 18:26
How much did you flog them for? You had RC38LTs like me didn't you?

Mike S
16-02-05, 18:28
439 ! RC36Lock out dark. Well some of the legs were dark, with patches of shiny metal :-)

16-02-05, 18:31
the legendary Pace quality control!

16-02-05, 18:37
439! 'kin 'ell!Mine are dark...well... half and half! :-)I'd probably look for 180/200 for mine.

Mike S
16-02-05, 18:41
I'm not telling you the whole story there. To cut a very long story short, what I sold were brand new forks.

16-02-05, 18:45
I've heard RC31 are the best Pace forks, because they don't have any moving parts ;-)

16-02-05, 19:08
You're not far off there Kato, although with the RC40's they've NEARLY got them right ;-)

DefenderDan(pollution crazed weirdo)
16-02-05, 19:09
i'l have the RC38's of you jase 80(inc postage)sound good?

16-02-05, 19:11
Fook off dan!You'd snap 'em anyway with your manly frame ;-)

DefenderDan(pollution crazed weirdo)
16-02-05, 19:15
*Cough* cheeky feckerHey ive lost 3 stone since xmas...............off my left arse cheek

Mike S
16-02-05, 19:26
That's right Kato, my RC31's have been ultra reliable.