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23-01-05, 14:24
Afternoon all, I now that a few of you out there listen to the radio via the wonderful technologies of the interweb.Realplayer is real-awful in my opinion. All the streams are at about 24 kbps and sound like someone's trying to play music from inside a (poorly) soundproofed room. The alternative is to to listen to shoutcasts with winamp (5 needed for the link below), but these traditionaly have been very bandwidth hungry. Not any more \o/Have a look

23-01-05, 14:31
ah cheers, i listen to ministry of sound quite a bit

23-01-05, 14:38
Soz, Dan, no ministry of sound stream on the site I linked to.. There a few dance type stremas though.Here's a few dance orientated ones.http://stream.orban.com:8002 mad scratchinghttp://stream.orban.com:8004 breakbeat trance vocal trance classic electronica

Andy Crehan
23-01-05, 17:51

Mike Ayles
23-01-05, 19:21
i'l stick with my wmp, if you have msn music, it has a load of pointless add-in's too with radio, however, since i got about 96kbps anyway, i'm unaffected, but wmp is the way forward

23-01-05, 19:35
But, Mike, MSN music is a music store... I'm on about streaming internet radio.And to have a 48kbps stream sound as good as it does is *astonishing*.At 128kbps it can do full 5.1 dolby. That's impressive.