View Full Version : Aurora Borealis

My name is Harry Palmer!
21-01-05, 22:38
it's showing at my mum & Dad's on Skye, here in the Lakes and My Bro in Lincolnshire is watching it too!FANTASTIC!!!

21-01-05, 22:44
I can't see it here.....in cornwall!!! 8(

Alan .........visiter to Wales
21-01-05, 22:51
It's cloudy here :(

Baron Von Grinder (its better to regret what you've done...)
21-01-05, 22:57
probably no chance of me seeing it in essex ?

Nigel Hancock
21-01-05, 22:59
The sky is clear here in Cheshire so I presume I look north?

John Pepper
21-01-05, 23:11
Not in Sunderland and clear.....