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Arnold Brocklethwaite-Jones (the baddest apple of
30-12-04, 19:40
I was thinking back to a few years back when after a 6 year break from mountain biking I wanted to get back into the sport so purchased a Diamond Back full susser, with disc brakes. Sounds good eh?Only one slight problem, it cost £ 360Anyone that knows anything about bikes knows that a £ 360 full susser is just plain silly. A hard tail for that money would have been better, well it went round the forest like a pogo stick on speed, the brake discs were made out of old kit kat wrappers and it wasnt long before it got a new owner!Please share your stories of laughably bad bikes/bike components that have all been part of our learning curve!

Alun Hemington
30-12-04, 19:49
I hear dylan's got someting to say about the rush's lights ;o)

Alun Hemington
30-12-04, 19:49
ooh someting , i've come over all yardie!

30-12-04, 19:52
your a yardie is it alan

Alun Hemington
30-12-04, 19:54
Better than being a gooner!

Mr Sculp
30-12-04, 20:07
i beleive you are still going round like pogo stick on speed pistol

Arnold Brocklethwaite-Jones (the baddest apple of them all)
30-12-04, 20:09
PMSL @ SculpYou made it then!Laughably bad bike componentsmmmmmmmmm*rubs chin*Spesh Enduro tyres on the mud?

Arnold Brocklethwaite-Jones (the baddest apple of them all)
30-12-04, 20:10
V Brakes @ Glentress?

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
30-12-04, 20:28
Alturus large seat post bag, which isn't stuck to it's rails and falls off on test going up the road Doh!!! leaving the fastening method on the bike ( Epoxy Resin, and a shoe lace around it just incase )Truative Cheapo Seat post, which after 1 ride flaps around due to no grooves.V8 Pedals, coming Dry with not enough grease in the kit to grease them up, 2rides max before they click and grind, even with more grease pushed through.Tiogra 2.3DH tyres, on the front offer Zero Steering on dry ground, just scarey.thats it so far.

Four Assed Monkey
30-12-04, 22:49
Girvin Flexstem.Spesh 'Umma Gumma' and Onza Porc tyres.Kool Stop V pads.I bought and binned them all.

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
30-12-04, 22:53
Strangely I rated Kool Stops, very highly but put them on my mates bike with different wheels alloy not steel and they SUCK.

Arnold Brocklethwaite-Jones (the baddest apple of them all)
30-12-04, 23:02
Rock Shox Psylos, would have been a cracker fork if they were'nt so twangy, jus got £ 78:00 for them on ebaynever againFox or nothing

30-12-04, 23:22
The old XT chainset that came on my Kula back in 1998The spider was permanantly attached to the big ringridiculous idea

30-12-04, 23:25
my first bike was a bad component on its own

tom downie 2
30-12-04, 23:52
there are 2 bikes that stand out as the worst 2 pieces of engineering" i have ever seen:a shop customer brought in a DYNO USA ExploSIF full susser (£50 new?) to get some work done. It was held together mostly by paint and tocuhing anything made something else fall off. The rear mech (made by "Sunrise") had no adjustment and sat an inch out of line, the shock spring wasn't held in place, the canti brakes had no tension adjust and moved in an eliptical/ovalised random path towards the rim so you couldn't set them up. The "THUMB" fork set it off nicely. It weighed easy 4 lbs.a guy i knew bought a £70 quid hardtail, and was well pleased with it although the fork legs were twisted out of line massively (from new) and it fell to pieces."

tom downie 2
30-12-04, 23:53
weighed easy 40 lbs, not 4

tom downie 2
30-12-04, 23:55
oh and halfords do a full susser called the Appollo Creed"."

Arnold Brocklethwaite-Jones (the baddest apple of them all)
30-12-04, 23:56
lol @ Halfords

30-12-04, 23:58
Crud DCD, actually pulled the chain off rather than keeping it on. Criminal waste of pocket money.Anything made by Manitou.Most things made by Rockshox.

The Anally Retentive Squirrel
31-12-04, 01:25
Cateye ABS35, absolute piffle!In my misinformed youth I also had a pair electric blue cage pedals, on an orange (the colour, not the brand) bike!!

Steve Austin
31-12-04, 08:47
USE seatpostsconsidering its a work of art, why did they put such small allen bolts on it??i used new allen keys and theyt rounded off when i tightend it. bought another set for a tenner only to round them off too.i've now got two lovely looking, but useless seatposts in the garage. ggrrr

Erik Le Viking
31-12-04, 09:24
The cheap shimano hubs that came with my Kona. Ok so I wasn't expecting high class for the price of the bike (Deore 1000 times better)but these things are just not sealed at all. With in 4 months the front bearings desintegrated and the rear is only just still going. Thats only because I strip and regrease the feckers every 2 rides. Time for new rear wheel I think.

the muddy dwarf!
31-12-04, 10:55
USE suspension seatposts,absolutely terrible design, rots away in what seems like hours, & makes your saddle rotate alarmingly!

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
31-12-04, 11:04
Quando Rear Hub, 2 rides before it fell to pieces, and Clarke Cable Brakes on the rear which literally had Zero braking effort :) LBS said they'd both be good to LOL.Gave them both back to the shop, with the bike PX'd for the Ruckus, went into complain, came out with a new bike LOL

Mister Khomenni
04-01-05, 13:23
socket set from Tesco's - lasted about 45 seconds.

Charlie T
04-01-05, 13:36
Saracen.Lots of it. Finest example must be this monstrosity;http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=16143&item=7125373035&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVWLOL @ really nice, and saracen is one of the better names in cycles, as you well know, so not rubbish " Shame really, as they used to make the wondrous Kili range, back in the day."

Steve Leighton
04-01-05, 13:38
Fred Salmom cantilever brakes. Looked the part but mine broke the cable hold after 10 miles.Aztez rim rakers. Plastic bits that fitted over their blocks to remove the crud from the rim before the pads. Never properly worked and drove everyone mad with the constant scrapping noise.

Dyffid (the only gay in the vill-age) (AB-J)
05-01-05, 15:39
LOL, there really have been some terrible bike bits

05-01-05, 17:41
Conti 1.5 cross country tyres,a get to take on and off, or at least I thought so.

05-01-05, 21:51
Rock Shox Quadro Forks, Heavy, no movement and flexy as hell, I have never touched Rock Shox since and probably never will.

Dyffid (the only gay in the vill-age) (AB-J)
05-01-05, 21:51
All Rockshox are laughably bad

05-01-05, 21:53
How come you bought some Psylos not six months ago then pete? ;-)then sold em again! :-)

Dyffid (the only gay in the vill-age) (AB-J)
05-01-05, 21:56
Because they were cheap", but as Jeremy Clarkson once said "so is sawing your leg off"!"

05-01-05, 21:57

05-01-05, 21:58
The new rockshox dont look that bad. Still wouldnt buy them though.Another pair of Fox Forx please!

Dyffid (the only gay in the vill-age) (AB-J)
05-01-05, 22:01
2005 Foxs come with a free paint brush!

Mike Davis
06-01-05, 09:20
Rock Shox Quadro Forks, Heavy, no movement and flexy as hell"So not substantially worse than any other suspension fork of their era, then ;-)Actually Quadra 5/10s were pretty bad. The very very first Quadra (without a number) was pretty good for the money at the time."

Lardy Boy
06-01-05, 14:45
Cocept Zombie full susser for 150 squids (was supposed to be nearly 300!!). Made of lead, pig iron and was more agricultural than a John Deere. The only thing that was any good on it was the Promax cable disc on the front but even that was pretty shite.

Free Wheelin' Franklin
06-01-05, 14:56
Michellin Wild Gripper 1.9Thought it was just me, after falling off about 5 times in a month, I gave up and took them off. I passed them on to a mate who was delighted with his new flashy green tyres. Anyway he also fell off and promtly broke his arm.Must have been the tyres after all.oops

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
06-01-05, 15:25
I picked up some of them, second hand real cheap had 1 ride and took them off, guess the rider before me, done the same to :)Maybe, it's just 1 haunted pair going around :)

Andy Monty
06-01-05, 21:47
i liked the wild gripper :-(Rock shox for me too to

Paul www.ratmbc.co.uk Sheppard
07-01-05, 11:52
2005 Foxs come with a free paint brush!"There's another thread right there - What components should be issued with addional items.PRST - Free box of blinkers to hand-out to riding buddys so they don't need to look at your fugly bike.Any carbon fibre component - List of A&E numbers.Purple annodised parts - Free day-glo jerseyetc."

Arnold Brocklethwaite-Jones
07-01-05, 15:54
lol @ carbon fibre

Waldo the Singlespeeder
08-01-05, 21:46
Mike, Quadra 20 were pretty bad as well. :)Onza Rip and Rail, quite surprisingly awful

Nick Evans
10-01-05, 17:40
Carbon fibre's fine, I've had 4 frames, 5 forks, 3 handlebars, 2 stems, 3 seatposts, 2 pairs of pedals, numerous saddles etc all made of carbon, never broken anything. except the pair of road forks that shattered when i hit a car at 30mph! Frame was fine, I wasn't! :-(Agree with Girvin Flex Stem. Headshocks were pretty crap.The overall award goes to Mr Cruds Crud Claw, the only cassette cleaning device that actually made your shifting worse!

Nigel Hancock
10-01-05, 20:36
I think I still have an unused crud claw with an anodised purple braket :oTBH if I was to look in my garage there is probably huge amounts of shite bike bits that I should really throw out but you know how it is ;)