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m@ http://leeds-uni-cycling.org.uk
19-10-04, 20:14
I'm stuck on my work!

Jimbo Andrews
19-10-04, 20:15
The capital of spain is madrid.

19-10-04, 20:15
What do you need to know?

Jimbo Andrews
19-10-04, 20:19
About geography der, Sorry.I know a tad i did have a b in it so should be able to remember some of it, Considering it was only last year i left school

m@ http://leeds-uni-cycling.org.uk
19-10-04, 20:20
What are the three most important state factors that determine the behavior of gully systems?

Jimbo Andrews
19-10-04, 20:21
And a gully system is.

19-10-04, 20:22
I've got a Geology degree, i'll have a think.In what context?

m@ http://leeds-uni-cycling.org.uk
19-10-04, 20:23

Steve Austin
19-10-04, 20:24
is that seagully's

19-10-04, 20:24
I mean the question you asked M@ is what context?

m@ http://leeds-uni-cycling.org.uk
19-10-04, 20:26
I'd be able to write something if i knew what the state factors were!Its all about systems, equilibrium, thresholds etc..

19-10-04, 20:30
fluvial or aeolian?

m@ http://leeds-uni-cycling.org.uk
19-10-04, 20:32
doesnt matter, its not really about the gullies themselves, its more about the systems and stuff.

19-10-04, 20:37
i'll have to think about this for a bit mate. it's been a whileknow plenty about rocks though ;-)

19-10-04, 20:48
whoooooosssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhthere it went straight over my head

George T. Badger
19-10-04, 20:51
'Gully system', is that like the Offside Rule?

Alan .........there's tidy
19-10-04, 20:56
2 gullies, 5 slips and a silly mid-off?

m@ http://leeds-uni-cycling.org.uk
19-10-04, 20:59
Nah, dont think thats right.

19-10-04, 22:12
is it regarding any particular areas?

Milton the Sausage
19-10-04, 22:23
Assuming from your name that you're in Leeds Uni, which has one of the best departments in the country, there might be a fair chance that someone there can help you.

20-10-04, 07:35
Google for Gully Systems..Current and future climate change may have a major impact upon landslide and other coarse sediment delivery activities in hillslopes. A core component of this is gullies, which connect sediment sources to the river network, and which essentially act as a filter that receives, transfers and exports sediment. Understanding the dynamics of these gully networks is crucial if we are to understand how land management and climate changes impact upon coarse sediment delivery to rivers and hence create management problems. In this research, a range of state-of-the art monitoring and modelling techniques will be used to understand how gully sediment processes will change in relation to possible land management and climate changes.

Mike Davis
20-10-04, 07:40
Not a clue, but I'd hazard a guess that amount of water" is possibly one of them ;-)"

Hoot the Performer (of what I don't know!)
20-10-04, 08:18
Gradient, Volume and Bedrock?Guesses there, gradient will influence velociy of water in the gully bed therefore amount of material that can be transported.Volume of water likewise also influences amount of material.Bedrock, more tricky I guess, how easily a bedrock and the overlying drift deposit can be eroded is dependent upon the geology of the area.That's my guess anyway.