View Full Version : Biggest breakage?

Alan ( shed owner and user )
28-09-04, 08:27
What is the biggest cycle part breakage you've had? Just a major part or was it part of a major stack?

28-09-04, 08:40
my spoke reflector fell off :(

Alan ( shed owner and user )
28-09-04, 08:41
Front or back wheel?

28-09-04, 08:48
front, sniff!

Alan ( shed owner and user )
28-09-04, 09:23

tom smith 14
28-09-04, 09:24
my pedal reflector fell off and a buckled road racing bike wheel :-(

Charlie T
28-09-04, 09:25
Frame x 1 (A genuine JRA (I was just riding along when...."))Wheels x Several (Front and Rear)Seatpost x 2 (Doesn't sound much, but when you're 25miles from home.....)"

Alan ( shed owner and user )
28-09-04, 09:27
Fliomsy those roadwheels

28-09-04, 09:42
Front wheels destroyed since 1985= 4Forks destroted in same period = 3Rear wheels dead = 1Frames cracked = 2Frames bent = 2Cranks killed = 3 (1 of overuse)

Milton the Sausage
28-09-04, 10:39
worst? That's easy.The stem on my first mountain bike. It sheared clean off when I landed a bunny hop off a pavement. With no handlebars to stop my fall I ended up embedding my face on the jagged tube where it snapped. A week in hospital having my cheekbone rearranged and a few thousand quid compo from the bike company. I forget who the manufactuer was - this was about 15 years ago. My old man's still got all the documents so I'll go and have a dig around...

Milton the Sausage
28-09-04, 10:41
..still makes me shudder thinking about it.

Alan ( shed owner and user )
28-09-04, 10:48
Saw something on TV last night that was similar, pair of bars broke on landing a jump, rider went throat first onto the stem. Good bruise!

Steve Austin
28-09-04, 11:24
broken frames, forks, wheels, seatposts, saddles etc rode a bmx for couple of years. never broken my body, which is good

Pinky Gigglehead
28-09-04, 11:43
Many years ago I had a 9 section of rim shear away from the rest of the wheel on my road bike.Luckily it was the back wheel.Also managed to to a 20degree bend in a seatpost with my chest once (first practice on a DH course)"

Mark B
28-09-04, 11:45
Tacoed front wheel, destroyed forks and bent frame all in one go slamming head-on into a pedestrian subway wall at speed.

Odd Brown Mutt
28-09-04, 12:19
Wimps the lot of you.

simon clegg
28-09-04, 16:34
2001 - scratched stanchion on MZ Z4's.2004 - badly scratched stanchion on fox float RLC's.Z4's still in shed.floats back on the bike after 240 re-fit.my wallet hurts.

MD 32/20
28-09-04, 17:06
Similar to above, but I slightly scratched a pedal. Found out Kona's warranty isn't worth the paper it's written on, and lbs didn't want to know either. Have soldiered on regardless but frankly it's killed mtbing for me.

Altitude Sickness
28-09-04, 17:56
How about stupidest accident? After getting up at 4am to drive Afan, my riding buddy and I got on the trail by 10:00. At 10:05 he took a run up and jumped a puddle alongside me on an absolutely flat double track road, I was doing about 20mph. The puddle was an inch deep and a foot across...gnarly. He landed sideways on the ground about a foot in front of me. I executed an over the bar front flip dismount, followed by my bike. Damage to me and my bike: badly bruised arse cheek, 3 snapped spokes, bent brake lever, massive paint chip and dent on top tube. Damage to him and his bike: bruises, bleeding from elbows, mangled front brake lever, tacoed mech hanger (no replacement of course).We managed the Wall and Penhyd trails that day in the pissing rain, but as punishment he only had 4 working gears.

Matt ....
28-09-04, 18:13
wow what a toughy, out of the 3 front wheels, 2 rear wheels, 2 LX cranks (they were cheap and made of cheese) ripped thread out, 1 bent STX-RC crank, 2 bent seaposts, 1 twisted stem, 2 bent bars, 2 saddles, f*ck knows how many rear derailleurs, 2 front derailleurs, 3 chains, 1 snapped XT BB (snapped axle), 2 frames and a collar bone - the collarbone hurt the most, cost me the most money and generally pissed me off the most :-)

28-09-04, 19:52
Snapped the back end of a (cheap)saddle on a descent, which dropped my arse onto the rear wheel, which chewed it's way through my baggies. Luckily a quick clench kept anything important from getting tangled in the treads.......

Alan ( shed owner and user )
28-09-04, 19:57
The continuation of that tale could go on the new 'hairy arsed' thread

29-09-04, 15:39
not much really.no matter what i try to do, things just never seem to break!i ride just as big/fast as the other guys.... maybe i'm just a smoother rider.oooooohhhhh yeaaaahhhhhh, smmmoooooooooooth: )saying that, whilst spet jumping t'other day i noticed some stress marks appearing on my risers..... well, using XC bars on a DH bike was never really a good idea. i thought i'd replace them before they snapped though.... sorry.

Troll Hattan
29-09-04, 16:11
I laddered some tights once.And caught my flares in the chain which made some nasty oily marks on them. Oooh.And then I've cracked the sus. seatstay on the Norco, but that's a '97 design fault and was replaced under warranty. Thank you, Norco.

Ming the Merciless, under attack by carpet sharks!
30-09-04, 13:55
Rear rim severly dented down-hilling my Whyte, same wheel now orbits the spindle slightly as well. Wallet has taken a battering over the years as well!