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Charlie T
23-09-04, 09:32
So, it's road trip time again! Off to Wales this afternoon, for a long weekend of bikes, beer and farting. To complete the road trip experience, we recokon we'll need some print based visual amusement. OK, so the likes of FHM or Loaded are all well and good, but what about the other elements of that medium?The good old fashioned jazz mag. What to buy? Classy and tasteful or cheap and filthy?

the burberry cat
23-09-04, 10:06
razzle is always good for roadtrips, if you show tits to truckers they either start weaving alarmingly or give you a honk

Padowan Hobbit (Karaoke Killer)
23-09-04, 10:07

23-09-04, 10:16
Go tasteful mate.It's no good if you wouldn't really

Charlie T
23-09-04, 10:17
So, you mean an element of realism should enter the smut arena?

the burberry cat
23-09-04, 10:19
if you can manage to take your eyes off the boobs & other bits, the girls in most jazz publications are quite ugly

23-09-04, 10:20
In a fantasy way, I think.Otherwise it's just gonna put you off your pie and chips afterwards.It is after all a pale enough refelection of the real thing without being rough to boot.Naked, bootiful woman who look like they would. That's what we're looking for.

George T. Badger
23-09-04, 10:43
Club International.

Paul C
23-09-04, 11:34
Havent purchased one for a while now but seem to recall Club Int and Mayfair were the classy numbers of my youth.

Milton the Sausage
23-09-04, 11:37
l'indecente - french porn magdoes exactly what is says on the tin.

Odd Brown Mutt
23-09-04, 11:49
On the last trip out with the lads where porn was brought along, I vividly remeber a nice shoot witha very attractive women who had the hairiest bits and bobs I have ever seen. It had me transfixed for hours that did. I just didn't know you could get them that 'wild'!So with that in mind, get something that is going to give you curiousity value as well as a bit of flange to gawp at.

23-09-04, 11:58
I think you've got to bear in mind that 'comedy value' has got to be the no1 priority with mass porn mag ogling. I don't know about you lads but i find there's something a bit wrong about looking at beautiful naked ladies whilst in the company of your mates! ;)So, Readers Wives it is then! :)Go on, you never know who you'll recognise :)

Anne Brown
23-09-04, 14:08
I vividly remeber a nice shoot"fnarrr;-)"

Charlie T
23-09-04, 14:09
Something in your eye, Anne?

Anne Brown
23-09-04, 14:15
Readers Wives!!! .....accept no substitute!

Curious-Orange (46 & counting)
23-09-04, 16:41
Why not save the expense of buying from your local newssagent. And print out a selection of Europes' finest/filthiest at work on the colour laser. Although not too sure of the wipe-clean abilities of laser prints.

Curious-Orange (46 & counting)
23-09-04, 17:24
talking of

Steve Austin
23-09-04, 17:37
what a huge pussy lol

Curious-Orange (46 & counting)
23-09-04, 23:04
Aye, Steve hucking fuge isn't it. God knows what he feeds it on.... steroids would be my guess.

Muddy Bronco
26-09-04, 07:29
Yeah. And it's being held up by that old kiddy fiddler, oh, what's his name? So it's probably an 8 year old in a cat skin.Matthew Kelly. That's the twat I mean.

Curious-Orange (47 & counting)
26-09-04, 11:23
Arf, an eight year old in a cat skin.Tea is dribbling down the monitor.

26-09-04, 17:21