View Full Version : Man Tries to charge his wife with Domestic abuse...

21-09-04, 09:21

Ollie C
21-09-04, 13:49

Matt ....
21-09-04, 14:30
roflmao - where the flinkin hell do you get all these links ste ????you must have far too much slacking time at your disposal you lucky barsteward :-)

21-09-04, 14:31
Looks like I'll be calling the police then.

A small thing is a good thing
21-09-04, 15:19
maybe he is a rubbish lover?

21-09-04, 15:35
hell my wife's such a repeat offender i could have a police panick button fitted in the house!!!

Odd Brown Mutt
21-09-04, 16:08
I didn't want to say anything JD but my missus should all told be serving a life sentence by now!!!!