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14-09-04, 06:35
Obvously, I should be asking my kids this, but since I don't want to tempt there, here goes.It's company handset upgrade time so my 6310i goes back and get to make friends with aNokia 6810 Sony Ericsson T630Motorola V525 Which is the middle-aged man about town supposed to have ?

14-09-04, 09:17
Depends whether you use / want to keep your existing car kit. Phones are phones when alls said and done. Don't get dragged into the fashion argument and definately don't ask your kids or you'll end up with a phone with multicoloured flashing lights and ringtones from Dido and two pack.If you travel internationally go for a tri-band phone, if not, don't worry about it.In terms of the phones you are looking at go for the Nokia or Motorola as the menu structure is virtually the same as your 6310i. If you go for the Ericsson you will find the menu structure mildly confusing.How do I know? Worked for O2 for 4 years and am also middle aged.Hope that helps.

14-09-04, 09:23
Two-pack" Shakur the famous late rapper? Outstanding.Call me a grumpy old fart but I've never found owt wrong with Nokias, and if you're used to it then go for it. Ericssons are good but a bit different, and the two Motorolas I've had have both been gash, just really badly thought-out with loads of obvious things missing. I've got the V600 at the minute and I can't wait to get rid of it..."

Ollie C
14-09-04, 09:29
Go for the Nokia, I deviated from Nokia once (the Sony Ericsson T68i) and never will I do it again!

14-09-04, 09:44
i also deviated from nokia to a T68i and regretted it.now though, i have a sony ericsson T630 and i love it! it's so much easier to use than the 68. has bluetooth, infra red (both of which i find usefull) and apparently the GPRS access is slightly faster in the sony ericsson (although i'm not sure whether to believe this) the screen is much better than the nokia too, and the phone looks rather retro-cool, i think.

14-09-04, 09:46
the nokia 6810 does look quite cool though, eh. i didn't realise it had bluetooth. i bet it's an expensive phone though.....

14-09-04, 09:47
I had a T610 for a while and did like it, but was offered a free upgrade (not sure why, you're supposed to spend £50 a month to get it!). Wish I had chosen the T630 now!

14-09-04, 11:07
go for a motorola i should no i worked for o2 is a sales pitch, for simplicity nobody in there right mind would reccomend a motorola. the v525 has also been around i while.the nokia 6810 is a gimmick phone, has anybody ever tried using the flip over keyboard? but then it has an easy to use menu that is like most nokias.The T630 is a good handset, and the best imho of the three listed above.at the end of the day it depends on what you want out of the handset.sounds like your on vodaphone so pop down there or the carphone warehouse and ask to play with all three handsets to see which you prefer, just don't tell them its a company phone, as the level of service drops when they can't see potential commison.

Alun Hemington
14-09-04, 11:37
t681- POS i had one and buttons fell off etc, I now have a T610 , which is lovely.

Mike S
14-09-04, 12:29
I've had Nokia's for the past 12 years without many real problems, but after the current one (6100) being a complete nightmare with the handsfree kit (proper hardwired jobby)I've just ordered a Sony K700. So I'll have the option of Bluetooth or hardwired handsfree and hopefully people will be able to hear me on all calls from the handsfree rather than just the ones that Nokia chooses to let through.If I didn't have to have the handsfree I'd probably stay with Nokia's for the ease of use.

14-09-04, 12:34
Bloater Check the grammar.. 'worked' NOT work for O2. I couldn't give a FF what phones people use. Only trying to be helpful.

14-09-04, 13:49
Andy, I swapped from Nokia to SE T610 and although I like the phone I found that reformatting my data to fit the phone book etc.. was a real pain. The battery life is really good (seems better than I remember from the Nokia) but the charger connection to the phone is very temperamental. It's also a pain if you forget your charger when you travel as people always seem to have Nokia chargers you can borrow but not SE.The camera on the SE is also crap if that is a consideration.

14-09-04, 14:14
just realised that by responding to this thread I'm proclaiming myself to be a geek!!!

14-09-04, 14:19
But very welcome too.Maybe I should try them out. Nokia ease of use, vs Sony Ericcson look more like a phone less like a model of the millenium falcon" vs "why would I want a Moto""

14-09-04, 14:35
I have a picture of my bike as a screensaver and the Magnum theme tune as my ringtone if that makes any differnce to your decision

14-09-04, 14:43
decision of what? if you're a geek or not?: )actually i used to have a pic of my bike as my screensaver

14-09-04, 14:45
I think the jury has already come back on that one Ste 8op

14-09-04, 16:38