View Full Version : Good day ballcrushers!

Milton the Sausage
06-09-04, 08:42
Greetings!I am Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of Germany from 1982-1998 (wow, that's quite a long time!)Pleasure to make your acquaintances.I have provided for you a link which is all about different ways to crush your testicles in your own home.http://www.callnetuk.com/home/busted/men4.htm(worksafe)

Marv the hungry monkey
06-09-04, 18:35
oh my god.

Steve Austin
06-09-04, 19:04
well i would get the boot if i looked at that at work

johnathan clark 2
06-09-04, 19:06
This has nothing to do with bikes just shows how phsycologically disturbes you are

Dan (lover of Jam)
06-09-04, 19:07
lol, hello Rob. I didn't know Helmet Kohl came from mid-Glamorgan

Dan (lover of Jam)
06-09-04, 19:10
Nothing to do with cycling?A Useful Hint At this point, I feel it would be useful to mention an item of clothing which I've found invaluable in ballbusting. Whether you crush your own `nads or have someone else do it for you....GET YOURSELF A PAIR OF LYCRA CYCLING SHORTS! It is a fact of life that vulnerable to a sharp blow as your balls are....god designed them to move about in the scrotum and escape injury quite well. THERE IS AN ANSWER! Buy yourself some of those skintight Lycra shorts that cyclists wear...""

Dan (lover of Jam)
06-09-04, 19:10
I've just admitted that I read the site, haven't I? :o

4AM - The Gate Monitor
06-09-04, 21:31
Why, Why, WHY would ANYONE do that to themselves!!!????!?!?!? In just about everything I do in life, one of the considerations is 'will this hurt my bollocks?' and if the answer is yes or maybe, then that affects my decision as to whether or not to do it.Fucking sick bastards.

Dan (lover of Jam)
06-09-04, 21:33
If it makes them happy...

Milton the Sausage
06-09-04, 21:43
its very popular in Germany.

Baron Von Grinder (goose steppin disco diva)
06-09-04, 21:45
no harm done :#

John Ketley (Is a weatherman!)
06-09-04, 22:59
No I'm sorry. I could only get as far as reading the title of each instrument of torture before moving on!I am only just holding on to my tea.Each to his own I supose.

Curious-Orange (44 & counting)
06-09-04, 23:20
I'm not sure where I saw it, but I've seen vids on the net where some bloke was hammering 6 nails through his.Now *thats* painful.Isn't the internet a wonderful thing :-&"

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
06-09-04, 23:26
interesting population control methods there!strange Sick people hey!!!

Jim Lewis 1
07-09-04, 00:35
Hmm, can't see the see the site due the firewall at work.But if i could i imagine my response would be along the lines of,oosst, (teeth dying inhalation with pained and concerned expression)On another note, i can't really concur with the view that lycra will save the day as it singularly failed to allow my nad to move to a safe area when i landed on it the other day in Rhayader.that involved a certain amount of teeth drying as well i can tell you.